Something About Them

Jennifer check is a 21 year old girl who is attracted to trouble. Maybe that's how she met the 5 boys that changed her life.

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3. 3. My Distraction (Mature content)

CHAPTER 3- My Distraction

Zayn looked at me and smiled. "Now that we know each others names may I ask you something?" I smiled and ordered a margarita. Ok i know what your thinking 'why is she drinking

if she's on duty?' But for your information I can actually drink a lot and still be perfectly fine. I dont know why but I can and I'm not going to complain. "Um.. Sure go for it." I take a drink

while he talks. "What's a beautiful girl like you out all by herself for?" Okay here came the useless pick up lines. Wait! No. Nows my chance. He's to busy thinking he's going to get

Laid. Great, just my luck. "I dont know maybe I just like going solo? Or maybe i just want to find some fun." I smirk as I sip my drink knowing he's still looking at me and grinning. I really hope he

takes the bait. I just need to get him to trust me. Sorry but I need your full trust so I can then make you bring your friends and then that's when I'll make my move. Until then I'm going to act like

I'm madly in love with this Zayn guy. "Oh is that so?" He fell for it. I turn and face him. I get up smirking and I walk closer to him he is still grinning while looking me in the eyes.

I smile and start to kiss his neck. Let's hope this works. He lets out a small groan. "Jennifer...ughh..." He stops for a moment. "Can we....take this to a more private place?" I stop

and look him in the eyes satisfied and smiling. "Of course we can." I smile and he gets up grabbing my hand and leading me out of the club and towards his car. He opens my door but

Before I get in I decide to tease him a little more. I push him up against the car and lightly laugh while I kiss him. He kisses back no hesitation. His hands are now on my waist as were kissing and I

place my hands on his chest. Oh god I could feel his abs. No! Jenn stop this!! Remember never put to much emotion into one thing or person...nothing lasts forever. I then slid my

Hands down his chest and stopped at his belt. Bingo. He groaned as I stopped and he stopped kissing me to. "Jennifer please. Get in the car. Your making me ache." I smile and kiss his neck

right near his ear so he can hear me. "I want you zayn I want you so bad it hurts." His eyes widen. I stop kissing his neck to someone asking for him. "Zayn!! Hey Zayn wait up!!!" A guy almost as

Talk as zayn comes up. He has curly brown hair and amazing green eyes. Wow was he attractive. I stood behind zayn as this guy approached. "What Harry I'm kind of busy." He says to this

guy. So this one was Harry. Great all things going according to plan. "Sorry zayn but make it a quick one. We've got things to do remember?" Make it a quick one? He said that as if zayn had

girls all the time. I pushed that thought aside and held zayns hand and he tighned his grip not enough to hurt but enough to show he cared. "Well nice to meet you to Harry." I say and he

looks at me in awe. He checks me out which sort of makes me feel like he's trying to strip me with his eyes. I smirk and just look at him. "Harry!!" Zayn says pulling him out of his thoughts. "Huh?

Uh what? Oh yeah umm nice to meet you to uh?" I finish his sentence. "Jennifer" he smiled and shakes my hand. I notice after he gave me a note. I shoved it into my pocket and smiled. "Well

sorry to interrupt. I got to get going now. See yah." I nod and he walks off. Zayn looks at me and I smirk. "My offer still stands zayn" his eyes widen again and this time he practically shoves

me into his car as if someone else was going to stop him. I giggle as he gets in the drives seat. "I'm sorry Jennifer but I'm just in a rush." He fiddles with the keys trying to find the right one. I

stop him by putting my hand on his and he stops and looks at me. I smile and lean to kiss him but instead move from my seat to his so I'm in his lap. He looks at me shocked while he puts his

hands on my waist. I lean in to kiss him but instead lean his seat back and smile. He looks at me in awe. "Jennifer. Please. Let me take us to my house." He talked as I went to kiss his neck.

As I did I lightly grind my hips against his. He lets out a small moan and I smirk. "Zayn." He looks at me and I get close to his ear and kiss his earlobe. "Drive fast." I say being a major tease. His eyes

widen as I move back to my seat smiling. He quickly leans up and shoves the key into the car and starts it. He then speeds off making me jolt back in my seat. I laugh and look at him. "Calm

down zayn damn." He smirks as we pull into his driveway after about 10 minutes. I look at his house in shock. I was guessing he had more of a shack like house but nope. This guy had a

freaking mansion!! He smiled and noticed my shock. He got out his door and came and opened mine pulling me outside. "Nice place babe." I say being a tease on the word 'babe'

He notices and walks to the front door. As he unlocks the door I follow. Once were inside I push him up against the wall kind of hard but he seemed to like it. I went up to him and kissed

His neck he held my waist and leaned down towards my ear as he lifted one of my legs and held it to his side. He whispered into my ear. "Jump." I did as he said and I wrapped my legs

around his waist as I was kissing his neck. He walked me over to the kitchen and set me on the counter and stood in between my legs I stopped kissing him and ripped open his shirt and tossed

it aside. "Damn. Someone's eager." He smirked. "Shut up zayn just fucking kiss me." I pull him close and kiss him he lays me back on the counter and leans over me as we kiss. I'll admit

I know this was a mission but I was still attracted to this guy so yeah I was going to have sex with him. It helps the mission as well so I'm okay with it. I pushed him back and got off the counter. I

pushed him against the wall again and kissed his neck again. He lightly moaned. He flipped us so I was now against the wall. I liked the pain so i smiled. He picked me up again and this time took

Me upstairs to what I assume was his bedroom. He threw me on his bed and I grinned biting my lower lip. He was shirtless which I forgot. I now got a sight of all his abs before he got on top of

Me and started kissing me. I kissed him back. He then took off my shirt and looked at my body as I undid his belt and took his pants and tossed then aside. He did the same for me. I was now only in

my bra and underwear. He was only in his boxers. Which I was enjoying. As he got closer to me I felt his bulge large and long he smirked and I kissed his nose. "Go for it. It's what you wanted anyways." After that

one phrase we went straight into what he wanted the whole time. Sex. Not only that the best sex I've ever had with anyone! Once we were done he laid beside me and fell asleep i did the same.


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