One Direction Imagines

I take requests. Tell me your name,your person,&what you want it to be about.


2. Louis

You and Louis have been together for 5 years now. He is taking you to a secret location for your anniversary. For the last 5 minutes he made you wear a blindfold.

The engine stops you hear him open his door. He slams it. He opens your door and holds grabs you by the hand. He shuts the door and you 2 walk hand in hand. After about a minute of walking he stops. He walks up behind you and takes of your blindfold.

You open your eyes to see you are in the park. Where you and him met. But the best part is there is a carrot themed picnic. Carrot cake, carrot sandwiches, if it has carrots it is there.

As you sit and start eating he gets down on one knee. "N/Y I love you more than I do carrots. If I lost you no amount of carrots could fill my loss. So now I am taking this chance not to lose you. N/Y will you marry me?" You are smiling and crying. Stuffing a carrot in your face you say "yes." He picks you up bridal style and he says "I have to practice don't I."

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