One Direction Imagines

I take requests. Tell me your name,your person,&what you want it to be about.


4. Harry

Harry had just called saying that he would be home in 5. You are lying in bed reading when you hear the front door open downstairs open.

You continue reading knowing it is Harry. You wait to hear him coming upstairs but you never do.

You put down the book and glance towards the door. You yell "Harry" there is no answer.

This time you scream "Harry". Again no answer.

You now annoyed get out of bed. You tip toe down stairs.

You hear a shuffle. You listen and hear a rustle.

You jump off the stairs and go toward the sound.

You flick the light on to see Harry . He is holding chocolates and a bear that says "Will you marry me?"

Jokingly you grab the bear say yes and kiss it. Harry now disappointed looks down at the ground.

You look at him and say "oh you were asking." You glumly say sure. Then you kiss him.

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