One Direction Imagines

I take requests. Tell me your name,your person,&what you want it to be about.


8. For Nataly

Zayn was suppose to be home an hour ago. He just came trough the door though.

"Where were you. Never mind probably at the club. " You screamed running out into the acid rain.

You start running and stop at the park. You don't know what got into you. Zayn is the #1 person you trust.

You sat down on the bench. It was where you and Zayn met.

Your memories are stopped by the sound of someone sprinting. You look up to see Zayn running toward you.

You stare at him. He stares at you. You stand up.

You look down at the ground and say "I'm sorry I just miss you. ""Nataly it's ok I should spend more time with you. "

You look each other in the eyes and read each other's minds. Kiss.

The kiss seemed like it lasted forever. It was the best kiss you and Zayn have ever shared.

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