One Direction Imagines

I take requests. Tell me your name,your person,&what you want it to be about.


7. For India

"Breath hold him still we get out. I'm right here shh. Just breath. In out in out. "

Harry and You were on your way to the hospital. He was speeding through traffic.

The car was approaching the hospital. "India I love you and stay calm. Remember to listen to the doctor. Stay here while I call out a doctor."

He came out as quickly as he went in but now with a ton of doctors.

"Get her in the wheel chair. Her water is breaking. "

As you got up to the room they put you on a bed. You felt the baby coming. As the baby was coming out it was a blur.

"Mam who do you want to cut the cord?""Can Harry?"

He went out and got Harry. He happily walked in. He squeezed you hand and cut the cord.

Later they let you hold the baby. "So Harry what are we going to call her?" "How about India Jr. after her amazing mother?""Perfect."

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