An Arranged Marriage

For the longest time i thought i was free to live my life, and then eventually marry a guy of my choosing but that all changed on my nineteenth birthday.
Cover by: Niall_Loves_You


8. Tour

When i got back from work, I saw that Niall was still there, and then i went inside.

As soon as i got inside Niall saw me and then he came over to me and kissed me and then he said

"I have to tell you something"

"okay what is it?"

"well they put the tour for an earlier date"

"does that mean that you'll be getting off tour earlier"

"yes but then we have meetings and interviews for two weeks after"

"oh does that mean we have to push the wedding back some more"

then he grabbed my hands, and said

"no we can still have the wedding on the same day, and i was thinking that you could come with me on tour that way we can plan the wedding and stuff"

"they actually said i could go on tour with you"

"yea and that we can have our own bus, so what do you say will you come on tour with me"

"yes i will"

then i smiled and he kissed me and said

"i love you Carrie"

"i love you to Niall"

then we both started packing and getting ready for the tour.

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