An Arranged Marriage

For the longest time i thought i was free to live my life, and then eventually marry a guy of my choosing but that all changed on my nineteenth birthday.
Cover by: Niall_Loves_You


2. staying away from home

I haven't been home in three days, and i wasn't ready to go back, but that didn't stop my mom from constantly texting me and leaving me voice mails saying that the concert was in a week and that all i needed to do was show the people at the front my Drivers license and tell them my name and then they'd let me in but my mother said she wouldn't tell me who it was or even what the band name was until i was there and i had to show her some kind of proof that i had shown up and was going to meet my future husband.

For now though i was staying at my friends house until the concert and i had to go cause if i didn't my mom would've found some way to still get me to meet and find some way to get us married.

Today i had to work so i was gonna put all of this out of my mind for today and worry about it tomorrow.

When i got to work i saw there were not that many people so i knew that i''d be thinking about everything even more.

A few hours went by and the coffee shop got a little bit busier but not as busy as we normally are and then all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye i saw the guy from the picture and then i texted my mom and told her and then she quickly texted me back after i had told her about him and asked if he knew about this arranged marriage and she said that he did know and that i should start talking to him and that it would really be good for me to not just stand here and keep texting her but rather go and talk to the guy who i was gonna spend my life with.

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