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This story is not real at all, I don't own Bam or Brandon, or any of the characters in this story.This story is about a professional skateboarder and one of his friends that has a big problem and can't take it anymore and can Bam Help Him get better or will Brandon get comfort from someone else.


1. Bam Margera and Brandon Novak

Bam Margera was going to a skatepark with his friends to practice for the upcoming tour it was Bam and Brandon novak at the skatepark and novak did skate but for some reason didn't want to most of the time so he just sat there watching Bam skate he loved watching Bam skate it was his favorite thing to do really he loved seeing how gracefully he would do his kick flips and skate and Brandon was in love with him but he couldn't have him because Bam wasn't gay Brandon had a other problem he did drugs really bad he did it because he liked the feeling he got of it taking him to a different world he couldn't have Bam was his problem and novak hated that and novak also hated the way bam would talk to Johnny knoxville flirting with him and bam wasn't gay but maybe for Johnny he would be is what novak would think and suddenly novak got scared by bam snapping him out of daydreaming and bam said what were you thinking of you were pretty deep in thought and novak said only if you knew and bam said what and novak said lets just get back to the house.

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