Worlds Apart - H.S.

She's a model, elegant, beautiful and famous. Loved and hated one way or another.

He's a collage student, his grades are low and he doesn't bother anymore.

I guess you could say

They're worlds apart.


5. Chapter 4

Harry Styles

Hayden soon returned downstairs, flashing us all a smile. "So, starting reheasels?" Louis asked and everyone agreed, Hayden sitting down on the couch I'd previously been sitting on and I smiled to myself. "So, Happily first?" I asked and they all nodded. Rehearsels went by smoothly and I didn't dare to look at Hayden, I was way to nervous. She clapped her hands once we'd finished yet another song. "You guys are awesome." She said excitedly. "How are you not signed yet?" She questioned raising an eyebrow and Louis chuckled, shrugging his shoulders. Hayden then glanced at her phone. "Shit." She cursed to herself. "I really gotta go now, I have this bikini shoot in like twenty minutes and I still need to get into hair and make-up. It was nice meeting you though, Liam, Zayn. She nodded at them and gave them both a quick hug. They looked like children in a candy store.

Well I can't blame them, we've been obsessing over her, talking about how hot she was twenty-four-seven for the past month. She then hugged Niall and Louis. "It was nice seeing you two." That's when her phone rang and she groaned at the sight of the ID, picking up and tensing up at the loud voice that boomed from the other side. "Claire I'm on my way, I won't be late." She sighed. "I know, I know." Another pause. "Okay fine, just tell them I'm stuck in traffic if I'm not there in twenty minutes." She rolled her eyes. "Bye Claire." She sang before hanging up the phone. "I'm going to get so much crap for that." She laughed before walking over to me and pecking my cheek. "I'll text you." She smiled before walking out of the garage, the only sound heard that of her heals clicking against the hard ground. 

"Dude." Zayn said placing a hand on my shoulder. 

Hayden Stewart

"I'm on time." I stuck my tongue out at Claire who just rolled her eyes before telling me to go into hair and make-up. It was nothing special since I had to look as natural as possible and then I was taken to the top of a large building, glass railings keeping anyone from accidentally falling off of it. There was a huge pool there and I smiled. "Okay, love, so here's what we're going to do." The photographer started. "I want you to just work your magic and we'll be fine." I nodded my head. So we started the shoot out of the water and it went smoothly if I do say so myself. 

Afterwards I had to change into a plain black bikini before stepping into the cold pool. "We're going down a level so that we can take pictures from there, but Claire will stay here, okay?" I nodded and waited for five minutes before diving under and trying to look like a model while swimming around, going up every now and then to get some air. "You have to look at the camera and try to stand, one leg in front of the other." Claire informed, keeping the phone away from her face, on the other side being the photographer whom gave Claire the directions. I nodded before taking a deep breath, holding it as I dived down and did as told, my arms floating beside me so that I could keep myself from floating every now and then. The photographer than nodded and stook up her thumb which was my que to come back up. 

I was handed a robe after crawling out of the pool, thanking Claire as we waited for the photographer to come up which took about two minutes. "That was fantastic, love. Thank you!" I smiled as I was pulled into a hug, nodding my head. "It as lovely working with you." I said. "Likewise."

Okay okay so basically I'm really lazy and I don't feel like posting alot so is it okay with you guys if I just skip time until Hayden and Harry are together? Because we all know it's comming anyway and I have more ideas for when they actually are together, so yeah. Tell me what you think.

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