Worlds Apart - H.S.

She's a model, elegant, beautiful and famous. Loved and hated one way or another.

He's a collage student, his grades are low and he doesn't bother anymore.

I guess you could say

They're worlds apart.


3. Chapter 2

Harry Styles

I nodded, the nervous lump in my throat making it unable for me to say anything. She just flashed me a smile before turning back to Justin. "Do you by any chance know where Caroline it?" She asked him, her eyebrows slightly raising. "I have no idea. I haven't even seen her today yet." Justin laughed and Hayden joined in. "Typical." She stated. "But I'm taking she's at the"

"Bar." They said in sync before laughing. It's actually admiring how easy it was for Justin to talk to Hayden, or any girl for that matter. Maybe it's because he has millions fans whom are girls but I can't help but turn nervous around them. 

Louis coughed when an awkward silence came and I nodded, emediatly knowing what he meant.

"Hayden, these are two of my best mates, Louis and Niall." I introduced and she stook out her hand at Louis first. "Nice to meet you." She said before turning to Niall. "Hey I know you!" She laughed. "I asked you if you'd seen Justin! I'm so sorry for barging off so quickly without even introducing myself but I get really bad anxiety when I'm alone in a crowded building." Niall nodded understandingly.

"I totally understand, it's fine." He tried to sound confident but I couldn't help but smirk hearing how nervous it came out.

"Can I have a picture with you?" Louis chuckled and Hayden nodded with a look on her face as if saying 'of course you can, silly' and I smiled once I thought about how kind she actually was. Don't get me wrong I've always been attracted to Hayden Stewart, probably because she's a model and her face is litterally everywhere lately but something inside me thought she'd be snobby and rude, I have no idea why. Maybe I was just telling myself that because I thought I was never going to meet her and it was sort of comforting.

Louis pushed his phone into my hands and wrapped an arm around Hayden's waist, smiling as did she. Her smile was beautiful and it made me confused about why she'd always had to be so serious. I mean photographers can at least let her smile in pictures. "Why don't we have like a cute little group picture." Hayden said excitedly and we all agreed. Justin already stuck out his arm to grab the phone but Hayden raised an eyebrow at him before tapping a random person's shoulder and asking them to take our picture. Which the person agreed on before Justin handen him his phone.

Hayden stood inbetween Justin and I, her back slightly leaning against me as I noticed Justin's arm around her waist and for some reason I mimicked his action, placing my arm also around her waist but a little higher than Justin and the random person took three pictures: one of is smiling, one of us looking somewhat serious and one of us just goofing around.

Hayden thanked the stranger before turning back to us and handing Justin his phone. "I'm going to go and look for Caroline now." She laughed. "I'll come with you." I blurted out before even thinking twice about it. She just smiled and nodded before walking off with me following close behind her. She took my hand in hers when it got more crowded and I was actualiteit surprises she took me with her since other celebrity's would probably try to lose me.

We found Hayden's friend, Caroline, I think her name was, at the bar, intoxicated and flirting with both the bartender and random guys around her. Hayden quietly cursed at the sight before shooting over to her friend. "Shit, Car." She said and sent one of the deadliest glares I had ever seen to a guy who was about to buy Caroline another drink.

"Please tell me you have a car." Hayden said desperately as dhr turned to me, I kust biddend my head. "Can you please drive is to my house? Her manager is going to kill her if she gets any more bad publicity and I can't take her in a cab with me and just- just please drive us, I'll pay you." She was begging me at thuis point all I was able to do was say yes, not wanting to dissapoint her. She emediatly hugged me. "Thank you so much, Harry. You're a lifesaver."

"Well how are we going to get her out of Here without paparazzi seeing us?" I asked unsure. "Drive to the back entrence and if they're beeing hard and won't let you through just ask for Chris Daniels and tell him that Caroline is being Caroline and that I, Hayden, asked you to drive us." I nodded, repeating the same name over and over again Chris Daniels, not wanting to fuck up, I mean this is Hayden Stewart, most famous woman, or girl since she's 19, of today.


Luckily everything turned out well and soon enough we were all on the road, Caroline softly snoring as her head layed on Hayden's lap while Hayden played with her hair. "Are you sure you want a stranger to drive you home?" I laughed, trying to lighten the mood. "Are you a stalker?" She asked and I shook my head, focussing on the road in front of me. "Than I don't see a problem." She said before telling me the directions to her house and my jaw nearly detached from my skull when I saw how huge her house was, if you could even call it that. It was more like a huge mansion. 

I helped Hayden carrying Caroline inside and onto a bed in a huge bedroom. Hayden then walked me back to me car, smiling at me through the open window. "Thanks again, Harry." I smiled at her as a respond. "If I can do anything to make it up to you." She giggled and I chuckled. "Do you have a pen?" She asked and I felt around my pocket. "Just this sharpie." I said taking it from my pocket and she took it from my hand, taking my arm. "Here's my number." She said writing it down in the palm of my hand. "I owe you so just call me whenever." She laughed before handing me back my sharpie. "I will." I said smiling as I watched her enter her house again. 

"Trust me, I will."

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