Worlds Apart - H.S.

She's a model, elegant, beautiful and famous. Loved and hated one way or another.

He's a collage student, his grades are low and he doesn't bother anymore.

I guess you could say

They're worlds apart.


2. Chapter 1

Hayden Stewart

"Fantastic darling, bring your left arm up slightly." Ghost ordered and I nodded, raising my arm a little. "Perfect!" He exlaimed, taking a picture. "I think that's all we need." He said finally, two hour long photoshoot felt like a ten hour long one and I began to get hungry, since I only drank a coffee this morning. "You were amazing, love. I understand why everyone says you're the best." Ghost said giving me a quick hug. "Don't make me blush now." I laughed and he joined in when my manager Claire came up to me. "We have to go now, Haz." She said and I nodded my head. "It was lovely shooting with you." I said shaking his hand and he smiled. "I hope to shoot more with you in the future." He said and I smiled. "Likewise." I said before almost being pulled away by Claire.

"Okay so you have two hours off now but I had to take you away from there because Peter is known to be a talker and he can go on for hours." She laughed and I joined in, rolling my eyes playfully. "So, do you want me to drop you off?" She asked as I unlocked my phone. "Or we could get food together." I said not taking my eyes off of the phone as I tapped the icon which soon revealed my messages. "That'd be great. The usual?" She asked and I nodded, tapping my conversation with Carolne where I had gotten a new message.

From: Caroline
He said yes! And believe it or not he was probably more excited than I was!

I smiled at the text and looked up, seeing we'd already arrived at the cute little Italian restaurant and I glanced at my phone to see it was just a little past twelve. I got out of the car, following after Claire as she asked for a table for two which we weard lead over to by a good looking Italian waiter. "Nice to see you again, Josh." I greeted. "Likewise, Hayden, Claire. The usual?" He asked us and we both nodded which caused him to chuckle before walking off. "What a shame he's gay." I groaned softly and Claire let out a giggle. "Hayden, he's a twenty-six year-old waiter what would the media think." She laughed and I stuck out my tongue. "But he's so hot and funny." She playfully rolled her eyes before getting a phone call. 

"I'm sorry, can I please have a picture with you? My friends would go insane." I looked up to see a boy around my age with jet black hair and piercing blue eyes. "Of course." I said standing up and he looked awkward as he asked his parents to take a picture of us. He slid his arm around my waist and I smiled as he did the same. "Thank you so much." He said and I smiled, nodding at him before saying goodbye and walking back over to my table, waiting for Claire to come back from her phonecall which she soon enough did, just as Josh got back with our food and drinks. "Thank you." I smiled and he shot me a wink before waking off.

"How late does the photo shoot tonight end?" I asked taking a bite from my lasagne and Claire took out her phone, to look at her agenda. "7 pm, why?" She asked putting her phone away. "I've been invited to come to Justin Bieber's birthday party." I said taking a sip from my water. "That's great! Make sure you get the paps to take pictures of you and justin. It's great PR." She said, her eyes twinkling. "Not everything is about getting out there." I said rolling my eyes, not that she listened because she already called my make-up artist, hair stylist and stylist. 


"Hi!" I greeted, opening the door to let in my stylist Denise who had brought a large suitcase. "Hey Hayden, how are you?" She asked, following me into the livingroom where Claire, my make-up artist and hair stylist were already sitting. "I'm fine thank you, how about you?" I asked and she told me she was fine. "Do you want anything to drink?" I asked already walking towards the kitchen. "Water would be fine, thanks." She said and I nodded, soon returning with her water."Okay hurry up, we're already late." Claire said clapping her hands together. "Make-up first."

After my make-up had been done and my hair had been straightened to perfection It was time for an outfit which ended up being a little black dress because as Denise said, and I quote, you can never go wrong with a little black dress. She had given me black heels to match them and before I even knew it I was being pushed into a limo. 

It was horribly crowded outside of where Justin's birthday were to be held. Fans screaming and people desperately standing in a line outside in the hope to get in. Paps called my name as I got out of my car and I smiled slightly as I smoothly walked over to the entrance, swaying my hips slightly, greeting the guard with the list of names. "Hayden Stewart," I said and he nodded, letting me through and as soon as I saw how crowded it was I realised how bad of an idea it was to tell Caroline I'd meet her there. It was probably impossible for me to find her but seeing her and Justin were friends I just took they were talking together or something so I tapped the shoulder of the first person I saw and his eyes seemed to slightly widen as he saw me.

"Sorry, do you know where Justin is?" I called over the loud music and he bit his lip looking around before shrugging."I don't know, sorry." He apolagised and I nodded my head, thanking him before walking off asking three more people until finally someone told me where Justin was and once I arrived I saw Caroline wasn't there. Great. But since it was actually his birthday I decided to go over to him to wish him a happy birthday. 

"Justin!" I called since his back was facing me and he smiled as he saw me. "Hayden! I've heard much about you." He said and I smiled, hugging him quickly. "Happy birthday," I smiled brightly.

Harry Styles

"You will not believe who I just talked to." Niall said excitedy as he walked up to me and Louis who had been looking around, not knowing who to talk to. "Who?" Louis asked. "Hayden fucking Stewart." He said and I was suprised he wasn't jumping up and down. "She asked me if I knew where Justin was and I said no and she was gone before I could ask for a picture but I talked to Hayden fucking Stewart." Louis looked around emediatly. "Come on let's go find her." He said almost as excited as Niall and I chuckled as I followed them around until we actually found her, wishing Justin a happy birthday.

"Justin! Happy birthday man!" I said giving him a 'bro hug' and he nodded at me. "Thanks man." Niall and Louis wished him a happy birthday as well while I turned to see Hayden and if I'm completely honest with you she's even more beautiful in real life. I gulped and she smiled at me once noticing that I was looking at her. "I'm Hayden." She said sticking out her perfectly manicured hand. "I'm Harry." I said before gulping and she nodded. 

"Nice to meet you, Harry."

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