Worlds Apart - H.S.

She's a model, elegant, beautiful and famous. Loved and hated one way or another.

He's a collage student, his grades are low and he doesn't bother anymore.

I guess you could say

They're worlds apart.


1. Prologue

Hayden Stewart

"I don't know..." I said trailing of. "Oh come on Hayden, it's Justin Bieber's birthday for Christ sake. You want to go and you know it." My best friend Caroline said looking me straight in the eye and raised an eyebrow, something she always did when she knew, well thought, she was right. And if I liked to admit it or not; she was absolutely right. "But I have a photoshoot today and will he even be okay with me coming?" I asked her and she set down her cup of coffee, stirring through it with the tiny spoon. "Well I haven't asked him-" She said and I shot her a look before she quickly continued.

"But seeing you're the hottest model out there, I don't get why it'd be a problem." She winked and I rolled my eyes playfully. "I'm not the hottest, but thank you." I said with a slight giggle, blowing her a kiss. Which she pretended to catch before bringing her hand to her heart, well she tried. "Caroline." I said and she nodded her head. "Your heart is on the other side of your chest." I laughed and she stuck out her tongue before re-placing her hand to the other side of her chest.

She laughed along with me and I glanced at the time, groaning. "I have to go to a photoshoot. Call Justin and ask if it's okay to come and if it's okay I will probably be late because I have no idea how long the photo shoots are going to take." I said getting up from my chair as well as Caroline who nodded her head as she followed me out of the coffee shop while I whistled, luckily a cab stopping almost emediatly. "I'll text you okay?" I said waving my phone in front of her face and she nodded her head before walking off since her appartment wasn't to far of a walk. 

"Hayden! Darling. I've heard much about you!" The photographer who I had been told to name Ghost even though his real name was Peter greeted and I smiled as he pulled me into a quick hug. "Only the best, I hope." I laughed and he nodded his head. "Of course! Now go get yourself over to change and get your make-up done and I'll see you in a bit okay?" He asked and I nodded my head before walking off and sitting down in the chair for make-up.

"Hi, I'm Lou." The woman introduced and I smiled, shaking her hand. "Hayden." I introduced myself. "I know, love." She winked and I giggled. "It's hard to get around you, your face is everywhere." She joked and I laughed, already liking this woman. I had come to the conclusion that Lou was going to be doing my hair and another girl named Kacy was doing my make-up and let me tell you, they were lovely.

After having done my hair, make-up and outfit I made my way over to where the set and Peter, or Ghost, smiled as he noticed me, grabbing his camera from it's standart. "Ready?" He questioned and I nodded. "As ready as I'll ever be."

Harry Styles

"That's a rediculous idea." I said shaking my head at my clearly delusional best friend Louis. "It's a great idea, actually. You remember Michael? His brother works security and he told us that he'd let us in. We get in, meet famous people, try to get numbers and bam! Fame. Our band name will be out there and maybe our career will finally take off and we can finally drop out of this horribe school." I sighed and let myself fall back onto my bed. "Louis, we can't just crash Justin Bieber's birthday bash." 

"Oh loosen up, Harold. We can try, the worst that can happen is we get told to leave." He said and I looked up at him with dead eyes. "Don't call me Harold." I said and he threw his hands up in defence before throwing a pillow at me. "Fine but you go tell the boys I'm going to sleep more since I'm tired as fuck." I chuckled and Louis joined me before nodding and leaving our dorm room.

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