Our Love is like a song

A tfios-inspired poem about Hazel and Gus. Contains spoilers.


1. Our Love

Thirteen years old,
Such a young little age,
But with one word,
A life was changed.

Not just one but three,
And more to come too,
Then three years later,
You came out of the blue.

Crashed into my life,
Just like a tree,
Yet it felt like you,
Were made just for me.

My hands fit in yours,
Like a warm winters glove,
Keeping me safe from harm,
With your powerful love.

But yet when it changed,
You turned so weak,
I couldn't do anything,
I cried for a week.

This is our story,
There's no happy ending,
But I mean what I said,
I do Gus, I do.

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