I fell for you


2. Who are you??

I look out of the window board as the old guy talks about heath and safety and all that carp. Eventually he finishes and we get given a sheet to complete like we are in kindergarden or something. Anyway I trotted down the hall to the private lounge to to speak to a guy about how to manage difficult customs. By that he mean stuck up rich people who have too much money. 

So I walk in the room and turn round the corner when this guy walked into me. Well I say he walked into me I walked into him. All of his drink was down his top and was going see-though. 

"I am SO sorry" I say a bit loud 

"oh no don't worry about it" he says lifting his head up revealing his handsome face.

"No, its not fine here let me get you some tissues and then I will buy you another drink. How does that sound" I say with a hopeful glare in my eyes. Not because I like him or anything , although he is hot, but because I was in my uniform and it would be rude of me to say no.

"ooow please don't, not on my account anyway" he said being nice 

"No I insist it is my lunch anyway" and with that I walk off with him behind. 


We found a seat ordered a drink and sat down. I looked longingly into his eyes.

"Anyway" I say quickly "what where you doing in the private lounge......OMG are you famous" I rang in my head had I just poured tea and dragged a famous person away with me !!

"NO, no no I I I I was lost" 

"Then who are you.........." 

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