I fell for you


1. Collage

I slump down into my seat at the first day of collage. I am training to be an air hostess. I don't know why because I don't really like flying much. I have a phobia of heights and if it wasn't for my mother, I wouldn't be here looking at my reflection right now. Starring back at me is a small nevus young lady with brown curly hair down to my shoulders, huge brown eyes and a cheeky smile. I am hope they will give a job as a ground receptionist barring in mind my fear of heights. I stare longingly into the clock which is perched loosely on a grey bland wall. Every tick tingles the tips of my fingers with slight  nerves as I am not sure what to expect with this new job. According to the bold man talking at the frunt of the room we will be taking a tour if the the air port in a few hours so we should have something to eat or go home. We don't have long and bering in mind i can't drive (yet, I have my test next week) I don't have time to call a taxi or get a bus. I stand up slowly, pulling my Ted Backer bag over my shoulder. I stroll out of the room and pull my phone out of my pocket and expect a text. I always hope to find a text on my phone , but I don't often have any. I text my friend Ella to see if she want to grab a bite to eat at the canteen. A few minutes  later I have a text back telling my we should and its a good idea,  so i grab my bag and speed walk down there. 

Ella was already sitting there. She pulled her expensive sunglasses on the tip of the head. She had deep blue eyes, brown hair with hi-lights and a beautiful smile. Ella always has, and always will, be perfect. Everything she does or says is alway dead on. I walk over and perch onto the seat next to her. Ella was here at collage like me but because of her higher level she was heading for a more important job. The manager. I didn't mind, mainly because it want from my section so she couldn't  boss me around, but  I thought it was a great opportunity for her. 

"Hello darling" she said reaching out a hand. "so whats happening" 

I looked in her eyes and I could tell she was only asking me that so I would ask her in return. She had big news. I could tell 

" what is it....., what have you done!!!???" I say rather confused 

"Nothing" She said with a slight grin. "Ok, so here it is. I have just been asked to work in America at the air port there. They are paying my and I get to become manager. I have figured out the money and I have already bought a house. What do you think." Then her phone started to call She gave me a smile and walked off. At this point it was time for me to go back anyway and  I couldn't wait to look around. 

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