All my love for you - Gravity Falls



9. Chapter 9

"Whoa this is awesome!" Nate gasped, as the zombie on the TV screen chopped the vampire into tiny pieces.

"Yeah.. Awesome.." Dipper croaked. Looks like there's gonna be nightmares tonight.. He thought to himself.

Wendy had gone back to normal, after around fifteen minutes of ackin' cray-cray.

"Oh I got a text!" Wendy looked down her phone. 

Dipper peered over her shoulder to see the text which read 'im scared I need cuddles 🌞💕' from Robbie.

'Hehehehehe maybe you dumb baby :3 🌚' Wendy typed back. 

'Shut up wend it's creepy lol (jk I just want cuddles) 😘' Dipper felt as if he was about to throw up.

Wendy snuggled up to Robbie, and of course Lee and Nate were together. 

"I need a snuggle buddy..." Whispered Dipper.

"Wha was that?" Asked Mabel.

"Nothin'!" Dipper cried.

The movie was finally over and Mabel put in Woodchuck.

"Not Woodchuck, Mabel! That movie sucks!" Said Wendy.

"Well it's not scary." Thompson said.

"Hey I brought Dora the Explorer but to make fun of it. Duh!" Said Robbie, shuffling closer to Dipper. What was that about? Dipper thought.

"Why do ya always wanna watch that stuff?" Asked Wendy.

"I DON'T. We can watch Christmas Tree Crackdown again if you want!" Said Robbie.

Dipper saw a flash of yellow out the window and then Wendy's face went blank.

"WHAT WAS THAT?!" Dipper jumped back.

"Whoa there Dr Funtimes! Christmas Tree Crackdown isn't that scary!" Said Lee.

"You got nightmares for three days, baby." Nate ruffled his boyfriend's hair.

"Wait a minute.. Why did we invite Little Dippy?" Asked Wendy.

"Cuz you said I could come." Dipper said, munching on a fat burrito.

"And now your scared of all the movies we watch. That's why we shouldn't invite kids to our movie night..." Said Wendy.

"Yeah.. Why are you being mean to him, Wends?" Asked Robbie.

"Don't go on his side now Robbie." Wendy said, putting her arm around Robbie.

I just don't understand! One minute she's nice and the next she acts like she hates me... 

Dipper Wendy's eyes seemed to have a weird blue glowwhich was more visible in the dark. Were her eyes always like this or was this just now? 

"This is boring.." Sighed Tambry. Dipper had only just realised she was here.


"One does not simply call Christmas Tree Crackdown 'boring'." Said Thompson.

"It may be scary. But it's not boring!" Laughed Mabel.

"Yeah. It's not boring. But Dipper is." Said Wendy.

"What's with all the insults towards Dipper?" Asked Mabel.

"He deserves it." Wendy answered.


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