All my love for you - Gravity Falls



3. Chapter 3

"Aw, no Dippy." Said Wendy "He gets all sensitive about that stuff."

"Robbie? Sensitive?" Dipper smirked.

"Don't be mean, Dipper. He's cool if you get to know him."

'Gangnam Style remix featuring Pitbull' began to play as Wendy and Dipper stepped onto the dance floor.

"Aw this sucks!" Said Wendy.

"I know right! These dumb songs come out every. Single. Year. I'm tired of it." Dipper told her.

Soos was getting his boogie on at the DJ stand while the only person on the dance floor was Thompson (who once ate a run over waffle) and of course Mabel, Candy and Grenda.

"Haha look at those dorks." Said a bratty-sounding voice. Pacifica! Thought Dipper, angrily

"What dorks? I don't see any dorks!" Said Dipper.

"I suggest you take a look in the mirror!" The blonde girl smirked.

"At least he doesn't wear Crocs!" Said Wendy.

"What Crocs?!" Cried Pacifica.

"Err.. You're wearing Crocs.." Pointed out Pacifica's friend.

"NO I'M NOT!" She screamed, running out of the room. "I HATE YOU ALL!" 

"That was a good one, Wends." Dipper gave Wendy a smile.

"Yeah, it was pretty good." Wendy replied.

The dumb Pitbull version of Gangnam Style song was finally over. Dipper breathed a sigh of relief.

"Wanna dance?" Asked Wendy.

"S-s-sure thing!" Stuttered Dipper awkwardly. At last! A chance to dance with Wendy.

"Wait... You're kinda.." Wendy began.


"Let's just say you're not exactly the tallest guy ever." Explained Wendy.

"Well I can reach your hands. I think." Dipper was still a little embarrassed about his height.

"Don't worry 'bout it, lil Dipper!" She said, as they began to dance.

"I love you." Dipper whispered.


"Nothing! NOTHING!" Dipper answered, blushing like mad.

Eventually the song had finished and Dipper walked over to the snacks table to pick up a drink for him and Wendy. When he heard a strange noise from outside.

"Dipper Piiiiinesssss" Said an unfamiliar voice.

"Huh? Huh? Is this Mabel?" Dipper asked. He was starting to get scared.

"No. Come outside." Said the voice.

"I'm not falling for it this time Mabel." He turned his head and realised Mabel was still on the dance floor.

"I'll be back in a few minutes!" Dipper called to Wendy, before rushing outside.




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