All my love for you - Gravity Falls



19. Chapter 18

Dipper and Mabel arrived back at the Mystery Shack, completely out of breath. They had ran all the way.

"Last... One... To... The... Door... Loves... Gideon." Mabel panted, barely able to speak.

"Mabel... No.." Dipper said, trying to catch up with her.

"Yes.. You.. Wouldn't.. Be saying this... If you... Were... In front!" Mabel giggled as she reached the door and fell down to the floor.

"Ughhhhh... I hate Gideon!" Dipper sighed.

"No ya don't! You love him! If you hated him you would've got to the door first." Grinned Mabel.

"Doods! Check out this new song. It's about nachos!" Soos told them as they sat down.

"No Soos. Just no." Dipper said.

"But it's about nachos!"

"Your point is?" Dipper asked.

"Ugh, Chipdip! It's about nachos! Just listen to it!" Mabel laughed.

"Roar." Dipper growled as Soos switched on the nacho song.

"Roar? Lolwut..?" Mabel asked, unsure of what Dipper was on about. Her brother was, of course, the ultimate nerd.

"I just said roar because I didn't want to watch the nacho song." Dipper said, ignoring the high pitched song and the dancing nachos.

"Ugh.. Nerd-o." Mabel shook her head jokingly.

"I'm. Not. Nerd-o." Dipper said, gritting his teeth. Now was not the time for joking... WENDY WAS MISSING! 

"Heya dorks!" Said the familiar voice of Wendy... Wait what? Wendy was missing! Wendy was with Bill! 

"Hey! The theme park was awesome! Too bad dorky Dippy had to fall asleep. What a nerd!" Said Mabel.

That was.. Just a dream?  Thought Dipper to himself. A dream with Bill Cipher in it would mean something though, wouldn't it?

"Hey! You alright Dip?" Said the soft and friendly voice of Lee.

"Yeah. But go away." Dipper said, he wasn't in the mood for Lee, who he'd grown to find actually kind of annoying. He needed to work out what had been going on.

So first off, I see Bill C at the party. I never did understand why he wanted to see me then. Then he, or maybe someone else kept possessing Wendy... What was that about? Then I see Gideon and then of course, the haunted rollercoaster.

"Haha look at Little Diaper! He's being a nerd!" Robbie laughed and pointed. All of Wendy's friends were now here.

"No actually, Robbie. I'm thinking! And there's a difference between being intelligent and being a nerd."

"Good one, Dr. Funtimes!" Grinned Nate, giving Dipper a friendly punch "Although that just made it a whole lot nerdier.."

"Hey. Don't be mean to my friend Dipper!" Lee said, defending Dipper.

"Yeah! Don't be mean to his friend Dipper!" Said Dipper, then turned bright red realising that what he had just said made zero sense. 

"Ugh why do I have to be so blushy!" Dipper giggled, accidentally out loud.

"What." Robbie frowned.

"Aww Dip that's cute! You're like.. A little baby brother!" Wendy smiled.





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