All my love for you - Gravity Falls



14. Chapter 14

"I'm sitting next to Dipper." Said Wendy. Dipper could hardly control his excitement. Wendy! Next to him! Was this a dream?

"Ugh seriously." Robbie pulled his hood up so only his nose was showing.

"Nate! Lee!" Mabel smiled "Are you two still dating?"

"Seeing as we're holding hands. Of course we're not." Said Lee sarcastically.

"I see." Mabel replied. 

All of them jumped into the car and Thompson started it.

"Turn on the radio!" Everyone in the car chorused.

'You get the best of both worlds! Chill it out take it slow, then you rock out the show!' The radio sang.

"Aw Robbie did you leave your Hannah Montana CD in there?" Dipper joked as the whole car erupted into laughter. 

"Good one Doctor Funtimes!" Nate leaned over to give him a brofist. Robbie had gone redder than a beet.

"This sucks. Change it." Robbie said.

Thompson changed the channel to find it was playing 'We can't stop' by Miley Cyrus.

"You gonna start twerking Robbie?" Lee asked.

"I hate you guys." Robbie pouted as he changed the channel again.

"You love us really!" Wendy said as they arrived at the theme park.

"Whoa!" Dipper gasped. The theme park was huge! He couldn't believe he hadn't seen it before.

"Say it ain't so I will not go." Robbie began to sing along to the radio.

"ROBBIE IS SINGING!" Dipper announced.

"And? I am in a band." Robbie sighed.

"You play guitar I thought."

"Whatever!" Robbie said.

Dipper undid his seatbelt and jumped out of the car as it stopped, falling flat on his face. Everyone began to laugh, except Wendy.

"Here ya go." Said Wendy, offering him her hand.

Dipper pulled himself up and didn't let go of her hand until they had entered the gates and paid for their tickets.

"Let's go on that rollercoaster!" Robbie pointed to a huge rollercoaster which read 'The Drop of Doom'. 

"Maybe not." Dipper said under his breath. He was secretly a bit scared.

"Come on Dippy!" Mabel pulled him into the line.

"Fine." Dipper agreed.

"You're gonna have to take your hat off, kid." Said the man measuring people.

"Okay." Dipper pulled off his hat.

"Ah sorry but you're not tall enough." The man told Dipper after measuring him.

"Fine!" Dipper cried, storming off. Mabel was allowed on! Why wasn't I? He thought to himself.

"If Dipper's not going then neither am I!" Said Wendy, following the short boy.

"Wendy!" Robbie screamed as the ride began to start.

"Okay. Don't tell anyone but Robbie's scared of heights." Wendy told Dipper.

"Then why the heck did he go on that rollercoaster?" Dipper asked, confused.

"To look cool of course." 

"Wanna see a pic of me and Robbie when we were ten?" Asked Wendy.

"I guess so!" Dipper answered her as she pulled out her phone.

"Hmm.. Where is it?" Wendy said, scrolling through her photos "There!"

Dipper peered at Wendy's phone to see a picture of the younger Wendy he had seen before, Robbie on the other hand was barely recognisable. He was just so chubby and cute!

"Robbie was adorable!" Wendy giggled.

"Urm.. I guess so." Dipper sighed.

The others finally returned from their ride on the rollercoaster. Robbie looked like he was about to throw up.

"It. Was. Awesome!" Mabel screamed.

"For you." Said Dipper.

"And you got to stay with the girl you lurve!" Mabel giggled.

"I. Do. Not. Love. Wendy." Hissed Dipper.

"I'll just ignore this." Wendy laughed.

"Let's go on this one now!" Lee pointed to a ride called 'The Creepy Cave'.

"That one doesn't have a height limit!" Dipper grinned.

"Yah so short people can go on it." Robbie said.

No one was in the line, so the kids and teenagers jumped onto the ride.

"Just a warning, this is scary." Said the person running the ride, just as it began.

The ride started to move along slowly. 

"This is terrifying!" Nate said with a sarcastic tone.

"I know right." Wendy said.

Then, suddenly the ride's track began to fall apart.

"What's going on?!" Robbie screamed.

"Ugh Robbie it's just a ride." Wendy assured him.






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