All my love for you - Gravity Falls



11. Chapter 11

"But If I had you, that would be the only thing I ever need!" Sang the music on the radio. It reminded Dipper of him and Wendy. He started to sing along, until Mabel burst into the room.

"I bought Waddl- YOU WERE SINGING!" She collapsed into laughter.

"No I wasn't." Dipper snapped.

"Yeah you were! Yeah you were!" She giggled as Dipper turned pink.

"Let me guess.. You were singing about WENDY!" 

"First of all I was not singing! And second of all it wasn't about Wendy!" Dipper growled.

"If I had you!" She mocked his singing.

"Shut. Up." 

"I hear making fun of Dipper!" Wendy said as she entered the room.

"He was singing... ABOUT YOU!" Mabel told her.

"Aww that's sweet, Chipdip!" Wendy smiled.

"I wasn't singing. I don't sing." Said Dipper going even more red.

"Hey Wends." Said the annoying voice of the one and only Robbie. 

"Robbster! Whatcha doing here?" Asked Wendy.

"Oh ya know... Just wanted to see my girlfriend." Girlfriend. There was nothing in the world that irritated Dipper more than Robbie calling Wendy his girlfriend. Oh shut up, it's not like you ever had a chance with her... Thought Dipper to himself. But hey, a guy can dream!

"I brought a movie. But Little Dipper can't watch this one." Robbie smirked.

"Awesome! What movie?" Asked Wendy.

"The Bee Man!" Robbie replied. 

"I'm scared of bees. I couldn't care less about missing the movie." Dipper shrugged.

"You're scared of bees?" Robbie asked him.

"NO! I didn't say that! I said I don't care about bees!" Dipper tried to cover up.

"Then you won't care about missing the movie. Later.. Ya stupid dorks." Robbie said as they walked out the door.

"Dipper you almost told Wendy about the bee thing!" Mabel said.

"Yeah, yeah I know. But I think I covered it up pretty well." Dipper had been scared of bees ever since he got stung when he was about five years old.

"Course you did. Wanna look through the big book of Lee and Nate?" Asked Mabel.

"No because I'm not a creepy stalker like you." Joked Dipper.

"Hey! It's my OTP!" Mabel said.

"OTP? Only true pair?" Guessed Dipper.

"Nah. It's one true pairing." She corrected him.

"I knew that." Dipper said.

"You don't know everything. But I do!" Mabel laughed as she ran up to their room.

Just then, Dipper saw a person familiar light blue colour rush past the window. Darn it, Dippy.. What is that colour? 

Then it came back to him.






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