All my love for you - Gravity Falls



10. Chapter 10

"Soos will be picking up me and Mabel in a minute." Dipper told the others.

"No one cares." Sighed Wendy.

"I care." Said Robbie. Why was he suddenly being so nice?

All of a sudden, the blue in Wendy's eyes disappeared. 

"Looks like I was asleep through Christmas Tree Crackdown!" Laughed Wendy.

"What? I was pretty sure you were just talking!" Said Robbie.

"Err... No I wasn't!" Said Wendy.

"Yeah you were being mean to Dippy!" Said Nate.

"I wasn't, was I?" Wendy asked.

"I.. Don't know." Dipper replied. He looked out the window to see Soos pulling into the drive.

"Gotta go! Bye guys!" Dipper called, skipping out the door.

"What's that ya got there Mabel?" Asked Dipper.

"Nothing." She giggled as they jumped in the car.


*Next Day*

"Aw Chipdip you should've stayed the whole night!" Laughed Wendy "We watched the High School Musical movies and Robbie got all emotional."

"Haha! I ship Lee and Nate so much!" Squealed Mabel "They are so cute together!"

"Yeah they're cute.. But that's kinda creepy Mabel." Said Dipper.

"When Lee told us he had a crush on Nate we were all trying to get them together. And then Nate wrote Lee a love letter. It was adorable!" Said Wendy.

"I was so busy looking at their scrapbook I missed Christmas Tree Crackdown." Said Mabel.

"Well that just makes it ten times creepier!" Dipper giggled.

"Nah, they're pretty used to people thinking they're cute. They are so sweet together."  Said Wendy.

"They are adorbz!" Said Mabel.

"Yeah, yeah. What about me and Wendy?" Dipper blurted accidentally.

"What?!" Laughed Wendy.

"YES YOU TWO ARE PERFECT!" Screamed Mabel.

"Urm.. Nobody's perfect.." Said Dipper blushing.

"Hah, we would make a couple." Wendy smiled "If it wasn't for the height difference."

 "Yeah.. We would.." Sighed Dipper.




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