All my love for you - Gravity Falls



1. Chapter 1

Dipper Pines sat in his bedroom, bored. He had nothing to do and had already got through the Harry Potter series that he'd packed twice. 

"Dipper! We're having a party! Or are you too busy being a huge dork?" Called Dipper's twin sister, Mabel.

"I-I knew that!" Dipper replied. He didn't want to sound stupid as he was sure Wendy was down there. 

"Don't be silly Chipdip! The party hasn't started yet, we're just planning it!" Mabel answered him, laughing.

"I knew that too!" Dipper lied.

"Sure you did, Chipdip." Wendy called as Dipper began to head down the stairs. Dipper hated the name 'Chipdip'.

"Yeah so we were arranging a party for later!" Grinned Mabel as Dipper entered the room.

"That sounds awesome. Is Robbie coming, may I ask?" Asked Dipper.

"Yeah he is. Why'd ya ask?" Wendy asked the short boy.

"Oh you know. Just wondering." Dipper said. He had been hoping he could go with Wendy... As a date.

"Looks like I've got a text." Wendy exclaimed, as she pulled out her phone.

Dipper took a quick look at the text which read "🌝" from 'Robbbbbbiiiiiieeeeee🌝🌚🌝'.

"That's a coincidence!" Laughed Wendy "Robbie just texted me!" 

Why did Wendy have to like that guy? Dipper thought to himself.

"I'm inviting all my friends, Thompson, Tambry and of course Lee and Nate!" Wendy announced. 

"Are Lee and Nate dating now?" Asked Mabel.

"Yeah, they are!" Wendy told her "How'd you guess?"

"Hmm.. I am an expert on dating! But probably because they were holding hands, kissing,all the usual couple stuff." Mabel said.

"They're pretty cute together. Maybe we could have dates for the party, like me and Robbie, you and Gideon, Dipper and that bratty girl!" Wendy smiled. 

Couldn't I go with Wendy, just this once? Thought Dipper.

"Chipdip? With Pacifica? They hate eachother!" Mabel laughed.

"Not Pacifica! I'm talking about Gideon!" Joked Wendy.

"Err.. No! No! No!" Dipper slapped Wendy jokingly but it ended up a bit harder than it was meant to. 

"Sorry Wend!" Cried Dipper, going red.

"Wend? Only Robbie calls me that!" Wendy said.

"I SAID WENDY!" Dipper said, blushing.

"Dipper's got a crush!" Giggled Mabel.

"Yeah and no one needs to know!" Said Dipper covering his sister's mouth.

"And it's WENDY!" Mabel managed to say, although it was muffled.

"NO IT'S NOT!" Cried Dipper.

"It's alright Dips, you're cute. And ya never know." Wendy said, giving him a wink.


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