Dont Forget About Me

Hi my name is Marie and im 15 and Niall is the same age and me and him been through a lot with vacations and girlfriends and boyfriends. but one day when he decides to go on xfactor you support him through it you went to his audition he was great. about a day later I heard he was put in a band named One Direction. when they made their first album they lost touch. will he let fame get to him and not remember who she is or will he remember.


1. chapter 1

        5 year old Morgan.

I woke up in my princess room I loved it I had pink walls and a blue and pink bed I had some photos of my and Niall toether on my wall I smiled at it. I walked out to the livingroom and ran to the table my mom had fixed Pancakes. MMMMMMMM I say. hey Cutie my sister Diana said. I grin. hey Anna. so Niall is coming over to play today. YAY I scream with pancake in my mouth. don't eat with your mouth full please sweetie Mom said. yes mam.

Niall is 6 and me and him are really good friends we are both irish. I heard a knock and immediatly ran to the door. I opened it and Niall gave me a huge hug and I did the same. lets go to my room. I said. Well hello Morgan Mrs Horan said. Hi Mrs Horan. we ran up to my room and played for a while.

2 hours later.

Morgan Niall its time to eat lunch. we both smile and go downstairs. we eat chicken nuggets. hey Morgan you wanna play tag outside I bet Mina could come over with her brother and play. sure ok. after we ate we went out and Mina and seth came out to play.

we ran and ran outside I kept running but I didn't feel to great.


Niall POV

I was running and I saw that Morgan didn't look to good so I asked are you ok. yeah im fine. I shrugged and kept running Mina was it. I looked behind me and no one was running after me I saw something that broke me it was Morgan I ran to her shaking her she wouldn't wake up go get her mom no mina. I stayed with her.

a few moments later she was in the ambulance and I had to ride with her mom I was sobbing into her shirt. Its ok Niall I promise she will be ok I promise.

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