In the world of Mephistopheles, a forbidden love is born. A love thats bound is to be destroyed. A love that will lead to the end of the world if it is allowed to Bloom. A fate no one would ever allow.


3. The real Yuuki

I woke up in the middle of the night. I heard voices in room where I met Shiroyasha's dad. Sadly I could remember one as one I have heard before. Yuuki. I walked over to the door. "Dad god I hate angels. Especially Eligor. He rejected me dad. REJECTED. How could anyone reject me?" I thought for myself. Easy. They just have to say no. "Yuuki. What do you want with this Eligor?" She clicked her tounge. "First I wanted him out of Heaven. His ruining my plan. But then he rejected me. I want him dead." Same goes for you Yuuki. I was getting pissed. "Eligor.... Wasn't that the name of the fallen angel you brought with you home today Shiroyasha?" Shiroyasha is there too? "I suppose that is true. So it was sister that got them to trow him out. I couldn't understand it. He was so nice and gentle." I opened the door a little. "Is he here Shiroyasha? Where is he?" I stepped out. "I'm right here Yuuki. What are you doing here?" She turned around. I stood still. Even if I wanted to run I couldn't. This wasn't the Yuuki I was used to see. The longhaired, blue eyed, princess idol. This was a shorthaired, evil woman with lightgreen eyes. Under her left eye there was a scar. A big lightning-shaped scar. It was frightening. My body began to tremble. I saw Shiroyasha silently walk up behind her sister with something. Click. Shiroyasha had put a chain around her sisters neck. Yuuki turned around with an angry look in her eyes. She didn't touch her but she was really angry. Shiroyasha, went over to me. "Wt's wrong Eligor? Are you okay? Why did you stand still of all sudden?" She looked concerned at me. I collapsed. I accidantly fell over her. We fell onto the floor. My body was still trembling and I couldn't move. She patted my head. I faded to sleep on top of her.


When I woke up I was laying in my bed. Shiroyasha was sitting next to me. She look into the air. There was a little light on the table. How long have she been sitting there watching over me? She looked at me. "Are you awake?" She smiled. I nodded weakly. She helped me sit up. "Wait here I'll get you something to eat." She stood up and walked out the door. What happened? For how long have I been sleeping? After a short while Shiroyasha came back. She had a bowl with her. "Can you eat by yourself?" I nodded. There was soup in the bowl. She calmly holded the bowl while I was eating. I was too weak to hold it myself. When I was done she sat the bowl on the table. "For how long have I been sleeping?" I looked at her. "For two days I think." I looked down. "Did you know that you are talking in your sleep? You mumbled something a lot of time so I thought you was awake." She smiled her usual smile. "I think you want to know what we was talking about when Yuuki came right? Yuuki is my sister. She's a year older, and the most evil demon Mephistopheles have ever seen. There are rumors about the Devil sold his soul to her. Normally others sell their soul to the Devil, but..... My sister makes the Devil look like the angel he once was. She really hates you Eligor. I dont like that." She looked sadly at me. I raised my hand and petted her hair. I layed down again. My body felt hot. She layed her hand on my forehead. She took out a peice of clothes and dipped it in a bucket of water there was standing next to my bed. She layed it on my forehead. I was breathing rappidly. I fell asleep again. A deep and dreamless sleep.

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