In the world of Mephistopheles, a forbidden love is born. A love thats bound is to be destroyed. A love that will lead to the end of the world if it is allowed to Bloom. A fate no one would ever allow.


6. Malachite

I absolutely don't wanna leave my room. I don't know how to face Shiroyasha after what happened yesterday. Right now I am hiding under my bed. Even if she comes in here, she won't see my bright red face. Uwaaa.... What have I done? I punched the floor. I heard the door open. Quiet steps came closer. They stopped in front of the bed. I heard a sigh. "I guess he isn't here after all". Shiroyasha?! Why does she even care? 

After a while laying under my bed, I crept out from my hide. I didn't say hey to Rissa. I hurried out to the tree. I sat down in the shadow of the tree. *Giggle*. I turned around to see who giggled. "Eligor~". I saw a familiar face. "Aurora!" She poked my nose with her finger. "Long time no see". I ruffled her hair. I stood up and took her up so that she couldn't touch the ground. "I got a surprise for you! It'll be here in a sec!" I tilted my face as i stood wondering what she mean. "GYAAAAAAAAAAA!" *FLOP* *CRASH* *BUMP* I nearly died of laughter. "Malachite! God it's so awsome to see you again! What a graceful landing." I helped Malachite up.

He brushed leaves and dirt of his clothes and smiled brightly. "Well I bet my landing went better than yours Eligor. Plus my wings are still intact". He punched my shoulder. We both laughed and started wrestling. We rolled down the hill and threw snow at each other. 


While Eligor and Malachite was wrestling in the snow, Yupina appeared next to her sister. "It's unusual for a still-angel to come here. What did u do?" Yupina looked at her sister with her black eyes. "Oh well.. He missed his best friend, and I thought It's been a long time since Mephistopheles had seen a still-angel. And I missed Eligor too you know". Aurora smiled at her sister with her pure lightblue eyes. "I had to ask Sakura before I could take him with me, but Malachite accepted as soon as I brought it up! They're best friends. It's cruel to hold them apart like that. And since Malachite doesn't have a place to go, do you think you can find him one?" Aurora looked at the boy so happy to see his best friend again. "I think I might be able to ask Davion. He is quite fond of Eligor, so why shouldn't he be font of a still-angel". Yupina smiled to her sister.


Malachite and I played for a long time in the snow. We was so happy to see each other that we didn't notice anything around us. Malachite threw a snowball after me. I dogded it, but I heard it hit something behind me. Weird... I'm sure there wasn't anything behind me. I turned around. Shiroyasha looked at me with eyes filled with saddness. My smile dissappeared looking at her sorrowful purple eyes. Her eyes filled with tears and she clenched her fists trying to keep her tears in. She most of all looked a wierd, pained version of cute. Malachite hurried up to her. "I'm really sorry! I didn't see you, and suddently you were standing there. Im really, really, really sorry!" Malachite kept apologizing to Shiroyasha. 


Yupina and Aurora came down to them. "Malachite, we will have to find you a place to stay in the town. We can't bother Shiroyashas parents with another angel. We have an idea of someone who would let you stay."

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