In the world of Mephistopheles, a forbidden love is born. A love thats bound is to be destroyed. A love that will lead to the end of the world if it is allowed to Bloom. A fate no one would ever allow.


1. Eligor the angel falls

I woke up because that the sun was shining into my eyes. I glanced over at the clock. I sat up because of the shock. I was getting late for school. "Malachite wake up we're going to be late." He got out of his room walking like he was still sleeping. "Malachite your going to miss to look at 'her'." When I noticed her Malachite suddently woke up. "Then what are you waiting for you lazy boy." He ran out the house towards the school. "I was the one who needed to wake you up." I pouted as I ran after him. We entered school few minutes before 'her'. Ups sorry I forgot something even more important than my best friends love. My name is Eligor. I'm a 3rd year studend on Heaven Academy for angels. My best friend Malachite is totally lost in the idol on our school. Yuuki. I don't like her. She's ignoring Malachite comepletely. She doesn't even give him a glance. "I'm going ahead Malachite. You can stand there glarring at her all day." I hurried into the classroom. I sat down my bag and sat down on my chair. I looked out the window as always until the teacher arrives. Few minutes after Malachite came in. "Why didn't you wait for me Eligor?" He panted. He obviously ran all the way. "You was lost in starring at Yuuki." I just continued to look out the window. "Either way Yuuki told me that she wanted to you on the roof during lunchbreak." I wondered what she wanted when I asked: "Did she really only want to talk to me?" I looked over at him. "Yeah she said to make sure u came alone." I rolled my eyes and returned my head to the window. We sat silent there until the bell rang and our class began to fill up with noisy students. The class started. I had made my homework as always. The teachers always asked my because they knew I made my homework. But for some reason it was different today. It was like they ignored me. The bell rang as a signal that the long awaited lunchbreak finally have come. To me it meant a meeting with the devil. I walked up to the roof in silence. The sight up there sent a chill down my spine. Yuuki was standing there looking at me with the sun in her back. I closed the door behind me and went over to her. "Was there something you wanted to talk about Yuuki?" I asked while looking on the ground below us. "Not in particular Eligor." She tried to come closer, but I kept my distance. She pouted when she noticed. "I really like you Eligor. We would make the perfect couple." I turned my head to meet her eyes. I just stared at her with hatret in my eyes. "I'm not interrested in you, and even if I was then Malachite is in love with you. It wouldn't be nice to steal the person he loves right in front of him." She smirked. "I'm gonna make you change your mind Eligor. No one rejects me." When I tried to step away from her I find myself up against a wall. She came closer. I wish I could escape through the wall. She locked off my escape route by putting her hands on each side of my head. When she was right in front of my lips the door blew open. In shock over who it was my body froze. Malachite was standing looking at us stunned. "Eligor, Yuuki, what are you doing?" Yuuki looked at my face with an evil smirk before looking at Malachite with tears in her eyes. "Eligor forced me to do this. I didn't want to do anything like this." Malachite looked at me with disbelive in his eyes. I knew he would belive her so I just sighed. Malachite began to cry. Yuuki ran through the door. Malachite and I was left alone. "Was what she said true Eligor?" He asked desperatly looking into my eyes looking for answers for what he just saw. "Even if I said it wasn't true would you belive it. I mean she cried." I looked down. Then the president came through the door looking really angry. "Eligor is it true that you forced Yuuki to do Things she didn't want to?" I knew that everybody would belive Yuuki and not me. Wait Mr. President. Eligor didn't do anything. I saw Yuuki smile right before she ran out the door." Yuuki looked out behind the presidents back. "Lies. Yuuki would never do something like that. Eligor I have talked to Him and he said that angels that force other angels to do something they dont want to, is a very big crime. He will take your wings away from you, and you will be sent to the world of Mephistopheles." I sighed. I knew this would happen. When your wings is taken away from you, you will become a fallen angel. Not the funniest thing to be. It doesnt actually mean that they take away your wings. Just that they become black. My usually White feathers turned black one by one. Untill my wings were completely black. I didnt complain. Even if I said she lied, they wouldn't listen. I closed my eyes. I could feel I was no longer in Heaven.

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