In the world of Mephistopheles, a forbidden love is born. A love thats bound is to be destroyed. A love that will lead to the end of the world if it is allowed to Bloom. A fate no one would ever allow.


5. An accident

I layed  in the bed for a long time, not being able to sleep. I kept thinking of what happened earlier. Still now I begin to blush every time I think of our noses touch. I still remember the feeling of her breath against mine, and the confused look in her eyes as her face kept getting redder.

I was laying in the dark for a long time, but in the end I fell asleep. When I woke up the sun was shining red through the window.

Rissa smiled kindly at me, when I went out of my room. I smiled back and left the house.

I went over to the hill. I sat myself in the swing. Deep lost in my thoughts I was suddently pushed down the swing. I looked over my shoulder. Yupina was looking down on me. She sat on the swing. I sighed and went behind her, and started pushing her. She laughed just like Aurora used to. I heard a giggle behind me. I turned around, and saw Shiroyasha standing in the shadow of the tree.

For leaving my concentration from the swing, it took it's revenge. The swing hitted me in the head and I fell into the snow. Shiroyasha began to laugh. I stood up to tilt her over, but tripped over a stone. We fell into the snow behind the tree.

I have never thougt I would ever in my entire life would be close to be the red. I would have been good to help people home in the night. I would guide them with my red color. Shiroyashas light purple eyes where right in front of mine. My body was frozen. Our lips first seperated, when Yupina pushed me off Shiroyasha. We sat there for a long time. I stood up and walked away. I didn't look her into the eyes.

I was so ashamed. I KISSED her. Maybe by accident, but I still kissed her. I hided in my room for the rest of the day.

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