picture perfect

i knew him since we were little. we were 5 when we met. we were 17 when we stopped talking. I guess everyone changes. what happens the day we met. can we be the perfect two?


14. who gets shot

james pulled me closer to him. he put he arm over me and pointed the gun towards my face. 'anthony told me that you dont care about your self only her' he said indicating he was talking about me. 'dont hurt her do any thing but please dont do nothing to her.' zayn begged. at that time i heard a car pull in the drive way followed by another with 6 shadows trailing it. two people tunred around. liam walked in followed by harry, louis, elenor louis girlfriend.  niall and his girlfriend must have been threre. when they saw him harry and elenor managed to sneek away. james tied up liam. and louis.

'if you say a fucking word i will you you he spatt james was kissing my neck. zayn got mad. i looked at liam and noticed he managed to get free. i bite his arm making him drop his gun shooting louis arm. he screamed. zayn took the gun removed the bullets and walked to james. zayn had a evils smirk. james smiled.

'ZAYN GET AWAY FROM HIM HE HAS A-' JAMES CUT ME OFF BY STABBING ME.  once again just another way to see zayn and i werent ment to be. which at the fact made me cry. the stabb wasnt all that bad.


from the look on james face he had all this planned from the beggning. i noticed the red and bkue night flashing. i was blacking out from the loose of blood. i woke up in the hospital.

'are you ok love' zayn was over my bed. i nooded flitching from the pain. 

'zayn im sorry for everything it is all my fau-'

'dont say it. nothing is your fault i love you' zayn said when he cut me off

he leaned in trying to kiss me. i turned my head making him kiss my ear. 

'doll what is wrong' he said holding my hand

'im sorry but its o-o-over. when we are together you get hurt.' i said crying zayn had a blank expression. 'just cause i love you dosent meaan i should stick around and fuck you life up'

'ok. he said sadly. 'can i get one last kiss' he asked leaing in i kissed him back i pulled away. honestly i expected him to put up a fight he was quiet and walked out the room. they boys and i will continue to stay in touch. it was all over the new in 1 hour.i cried my eyes out 

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