picture perfect

i knew him since we were little. we were 5 when we met. we were 17 when we stopped talking. I guess everyone changes. what happens the day we met. can we be the perfect two?


22. ummm

ZAYNS POV we were making love and i was soo close. we were both screaming. "umm" some some cleared there throught she jumped off my covering her body and i was embarrassed. i turned anad say harry. "what" i asked annoyingly "well i thought she was in trouble then i heard her scream so i came and and saw the most disgusting thing ever" he mumbled covering is eyes. then soon after the rest of the boys walked in hugging me while i was still naked. "ummm this is awkard im naked" they all jumped off. i got up and walked to the shower. it was about 30 minutes. i put on a red varsity jacket a white v-neck and jeans with some supras. i walked down stairs to see alll the boys staring at me. "so zayn did you have fun??" louis joked i let out a light laugh. harry ran upp to me and jumped on me followed by niall liam and liam " we missed you mate niall said in between cries. "i missed you guys too" i laughed. then Elena out in a buetiful floral dress and some flats. my jaw dropped and so this the boys. ELENAS POV i got out of the shower and heard the boys talking and zayn was still showering so i decided to get dressed. i had wanted to go to nados. i was looking throught my dreesses and found THE dress. i put it and i curled my hair with a wand leaving spiral curls. i had a flower head band. i put winged eyeliner i curled my eyelashes and applied mascara. applied blush and eyeshadow. this was the first time i dressed normal since zayn dissapeared. so i decided he was back so i should dress normal. when i was satisfied with my look. i was down to see the boys stare in my directon. " umm y-y-you l-l-look" harry stuttered "perfect" they said at the same time i blushhed and walked to zayn and kissed him. "soo who wants to eat nados" i screamed. of course niall was the first to answer. "me me me" he screamed jumping up and down waving his hand back and fourth. as we got there i saw HIM he turned and our eyes met "UMMM" he pulled me into a hug. ZAYNS POV (WE THEY FIRST GOT AT THE RESTAURANT) as we walked in nados i noticed someone bumped into elena. they locked eyes and he hugged her and she hugged back. what was going on and whi the fuck is he to be huggung her. A/N SORRY I HAVENT BEEN UPDATING. WHO IS THIS GUY?
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