picture perfect

i knew him since we were little. we were 5 when we met. we were 17 when we stopped talking. I guess everyone changes. what happens the day we met. can we be the perfect two?


7. the mall

when i got home i took a long hot shower.  when i got out i wore zayns black and white varsity jacket a white v neck some light brown jeans and white jordans

then put some light masara. . honk honk* i looked out side and saw zayn. i walked out to his car

'dang you look sexy in my jacket doll'

'oh yeah ima wear it today if its fine'

'yeah today after the mall we are going to the movies ok 'i nodded

' oh yeah i almost forgot i need to buy some shoes so ima get off with you ok' he said i nodded

as we walked to starbucks i saw him. he stood there mad and his eyes red. he still has the scar i gave him from when i escaped. i felt fear take over my body. 

' whats wrong doll?' zayn asked

'ummm ill tell you some where else let me go say hi and ill come back in the 2 minutes.' i said scared half to death.

'hi anthony'

'who the fuck are you with' he spat through his teeth. then he slapped em which knocked me down.

zayns pov.

the guy that elena went to looked pist off. he kept staring at im i was slowly walking towards her until he slapped her. i ran as fast as i can. whenbi got to him i hit him using my boxing skills.he tumbled and fell.i got on top of him and started to punch him so hard he was spitting out blood. i could her elena yell at me too stop.

'she is mine so if you ever touch her ima kill you' i yelled

elenas pov


i got home and anthony was mad again for no reason.

'what the fuck why are you late your were  supposed to be here 10 minutes ago 'he yelled 'your my bitch dont forget that an-' i cut him off by stabing him in his arm.he fell i ran towards my neighbors house. i told her everything i loved him but he would abuse me.i showed her my arms she looked worried she rented me her summer house back at london and she gave me a plan ticket. i thanked her and left alone with no one knowing where i was exept her.

*** end of flashback***

i finally pulled zayn off anthony i hugged him crying with my mascara running down his white shirt. i looked up at him.

'dont cry doll' he whispered 'how do you know him anyway?'

'ill tell you at your house' i said

we drove to his house in silence.when we got to the house i noticed i had a black eye and zayn had a busted lip and bloody knuckles. 

'dang did you to fight each other' harry joked from the corner of the eye i saw zayn shake his head and signal him to stop

when we got to his room i told him everything.

' should have killed him then and there 'he yelled slamming his fist through the wall

'no babe you did perfect 'i said 'ok doll' i said smirking

he looked at me and pulled me closer and he whispered 'doll your mine your problems are mine now and no one cam take you away from me now' he said kissing me

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