picture perfect

i knew him since we were little. we were 5 when we met. we were 17 when we stopped talking. I guess everyone changes. what happens the day we met. can we be the perfect two?


4. the kiss


i need to clean my room and the house.' liam harry louis niall can i ask of a favor mate?' i asked of every one was in my room in a minute. 'well ' the all stared at me in silence.'well err elena is coming over in 30 minutes' as soon as i said that everyone perked up i wonder if the like her. 'we need to clean our rooms the hole house and buy lots of snacks.' ok' harry said 'right mates the all nodded. we finished cleaning right on time. we sent niall to go get snacks. i went to go get elena.


i dressed in some neon pink sweats and a black muscle shirt. i had pink anckle socks and pink jordan sandles. zayn called and said he would be over in a bit. i put my hair in a messy bun. zayn came in his black mustang. 'hey love' he said 'hi flaco' i said he looked at me curious 'hi skinny' 'oh he said. well we brought the movies the notebook, the pursuit of happiness, i can do bad all by my self and it the clown. you get to pick the movie you want to see.' he said 'well i wanna watch it the clown first ok' i said i like scary movies.  


we watched movie im happy she picked that cause she is scared of clowns. she hugged me. 'lets go get some snacks?' she asked i nodded ' we got up adn i put popcorn to cook and i got a bag of turbo flamas and a arizona green tea with honey. ' what are you getting'she asked me. 'umm can  i share with you' i asked she nodded. we sat down she was curled up by me. after the movies we watched the notebook she looked deep into my eyes and i looked deep into hers harry turned the lights on so he can look for his phone. i leaned in to kiss her. someone threw a pillow 'get a room no one wants to see that' louis said we both pulled away and acted like it never happened. elena and i were falling asleep so i took her to the room so we can sleep when were in the hall i stopped her. i pinned her to the wall. 'can i be straight up with you?' i asked she looked at me then she pulled my face close to hers he were kissing! ' i love her' i managed to slip out. 'umm do you wanna go out i asked?' i asked she nodded she went to sleep and i went down stairs. when i was tired i went to sleep with her.

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