picture perfect

i knew him since we were little. we were 5 when we met. we were 17 when we stopped talking. I guess everyone changes. what happens the day we met. can we be the perfect two?


3. the fight

Elena's P.O.V.


'im sorry i didn't want to hurt you" a mysterious figure said. 'no one understand i love you' 'help' i screamed no one had went to help me. 


i woke up screaming. i checked my phone it was 11:27 am  i had 3 miss calls from zayn and 11 messages. i called

Z hey what happened 

E nothing why did you call me so much?

Z i wanted to see if you wanted to hang out with me and the boys tonight? when you didnt answer i got worried

E oh im sorry i went to sleep late cleaning but sure what time to you wanna met up?

Z around 6 and you should have told me i could have helped you.

E its ok ummm errr im hungry wanna get a bite to eat?

Z sorry but i just went to  eat with harry louis and liam

E its ok what about naill
Z he was sleeping but he is awake now what about him

E yeah umm can i talk to him please

Z ok niall here elena wants to talk to you

N hey

E hey umm did you want to  go eat with me and nados?

N sure just let me get ready and ill pick you up

E ok 

N leave your wallet at home ima pay

E are you sure

N yeah and bye

E bye ill see you in twenty 

N yeah

i had got ready in some blue skinny jeans and gray v neck shirt and some gray jordans. i put make up on lightly. 


N hey this is niall i am down the street

E great ill be out in a sec


i reached her house i wonder how some one can live alone?? when she came out side i lost my breathe she looked perfect. zayn better treat her right if they ever get together. maybe she might like me. nah she wont im ugly.


dang naill lookes handsome. he got out his car . " hey naill " hey" he said he hugged me.i walked over and opened my door what a gentleman. on our way to nados we had the weirdest conversaton about ducks.


when we got there i opened her door she flashed my a smile. damn she has perfect teeth. " what" she said lauging? "nothing its just your perfect" i said feeling nervous. we walked to a table. ' what are you getting' i asked her 'i dont know' she said 'im getti--' a guy cam eand inturpeted me. ' hey im jay' he said elena just ignored him. ' i think you need to leave' i said. 'can i get your number you deserve a real guy not this punk' jay said. my face flushed with anger. i stood up and punched him. 'no!!' i heard elena say i had on the floor. i was pounding on him. elena grabaed my wrists. i hugged her as we walked out. i drove her to the mall. i took her to eat then i brought her a outfit.


he was soo sweet. we ate mcdonalds. he wore a hat and glasses to hide from fans. after he took me home. he opened my door. he was saying bye then her stared into my eyes. he was leaning in to kiss me. i turned my head so he kissed my check. i blushed. we hugged and left


i should have known she didnt like me i feel so stuiped. im ugly why would i try to kiss her??

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