picture perfect

i knew him since we were little. we were 5 when we met. we were 17 when we stopped talking. I guess everyone changes. what happens the day we met. can we be the perfect two?


6. he knows

zayns pov

'hey is something wrong with niall' zayn asked liam

'ummm errrrrrr ummmm well i dont know go ask harry' he said quietly. i can tell he was lying he was keeping a secrat ill ask louis he cant keep a secret t save his life. as i walked to louis i heard elena talk on the phone

'no i cant sorry...... that is in the past. well we can met up at the mall' she said about to cry.'n one knows nothing about it trust me im alone in the room........ok so at 2:30... yes ill be there met me at starbucks'

'who are you meting at starbucks' i walked in and she jumped. 

'just ano ld friend.' she mumbled

'ok then ima go with you' i said worried.

'come on zayn what do you think is gonna happen' she asked a bit annoyed.

'i dont know but i need to make sure your safe. i barley got you back i cant loose you again.' i said while walking towards her. i looked into her deep brown eyes and kissed her.

'ok' she said

'well i need to find louis cause niall is sad and he isnt eating louis should know' ask i sad that elenas face fulled with fear. 'whats wrong babe' 

'nothing everything is fine i guess.' she said i can tell she is lying why are people im talking to lying to me.

'ok' i said with half a heart

i walk to louis room and saw him and harry.' hey mates' i said

'hey' louis said 

'whats up' harry said a bit mad 'you didnt tell me i thought i was one of your best friends' he said while storming out the room.

whats wrong with him' i asked

louis looked scared 'nothing for real trust me' he said in a squeaky voice

i looked at him like i wanted to fight him' tell me this truth now i said while slamming the tv on the floor braking it.

'ok but dont be mad ok' he said i nodded

' umm yesterday when elena went down to get water harry kinda umm errr'

'what did he do' i asked

' he kinda umm kissed ' he ran to the door and stood by it 'he kissed elena'

i threw my fist into the wall 'he what!?!?' 

'he kissed elena but he didnt know you were going out with her but she pushed him away then niall found out and he is sad because he likes elena too' he said fastly.i ran out the door

'he know zayn knows what happened last night' as soon as he said that elena came out the room and i saw harry put his shoes on.

'what the fuck' i said while holding harry against the wall

'zayn please dont do nothing stuiped i was a big mistake please' elenas said trying to pull my arms off harry. i let go and took the keys and i was going to drive away elena came with me me . zayn please he stopped off at a abandon warehouse. she ran in front of me and hugged me. 

'zayn im sorry please dont be mad.' she begged i looked at he i cupped her face and kissed her.

'doll its ok dont cry i hate seeing you like this' i kissed her. i feel like im slowly falling in love her.

'what time is it 'i asked

'1:00 damn it i still ned to go home and get dressed. zayn can you drive me to my house' i asked

'sure doll' he said smirking. 'babe can i ask you something?' elena nodded. ' how come when your with me you act scared you act like ima hit you'

'no reason' she said

i can tell she is lying. 'umm can i go to the mall by myself cause after i met my friend ima go bra shopping and i dont want you to see it is embarasing.' she said with a cheesy smile of her face.

' sure thing babe but ima pick you up after' i said

elenas pov

im scared. what if zayn find out about him he will kill him if he knew he hits me


what is elena hiding ?

who is hitting her


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