picture perfect

i knew him since we were little. we were 5 when we met. we were 17 when we stopped talking. I guess everyone changes. what happens the day we met. can we be the perfect two?


5. dont tell anyone please!!!!!

elenas pov

i had woke up in zayns arms. he was so strong and warm. i felt his arms around my waist. 'morning doll' zayn whispered in my ear. followed by a kiss an the check. i turned kissed him 'morning babe' i said. 'ima go get a cup of water' zayn let go of me i pulled my hair in a quick bun as i walked.  'morning love' i heard a deep cute voice said. i turned to see harry. 'morning mate' i said . 'i got to ask you something are you mexican and british or what race are you' harry asked confused. 'well my dad is from guatemala. so that mean im guatemalen. and my mom is british so am i .' i said a bit confused my self. he looked at me and smirked. i smiled at turned for water. 'c-can i tell you something' harry asked. i swear this sounds so fimalar. i nodded. 'well can i show you' he said nervous. before i could answer he was inching closer to my face. he was kissing me. once i realized what i was doing i backed away and pushed him off me. once he was completly of  me i filled with anger. 'what the hell im dating your best mate and your here kissing me' cough cough** in the backround i heard laim. only he and louis knew i was with zayn and now i guess harry.i ran to louis and pulled him and harry to the other room. 'look louis you already know..... but harry im dating zayn and im pretty sure he didnt lose his temper. and he over reacts. so we cant tell zayn about the kiss please. im begging you please dont tell anyone. please.' i begged. 'dont tell anyone what' i heard niall ask. 'i kissed her' harry said i punched him the hardest i can. i was able to tell he was sad. 'why would and care' he spat throught his teeth. 'cause im dating zayn. 

nialls pov.

i cant belive this i should has seen this coming. i dont want no one to know how i felt i wanted to cry. i felt a lump in my throat. i nodded before tears ran down my face. and i walked down the hall the rest of the way i ran cause tears were already coming out. knock knock. i wiped my tears and opend the door. 'yeah' i saw harry offering me some food. i shook my head. 'whats wrong mate he asked' he asked 'nothing can you get out im doing something' i asked . he nodded sure thing he said while walking out.


sorry for the short chapter. it is 11:06 and im pretty tired. anyway i know i dont have much people reading but i need a new charetor . so if you want to be in my story please cont down below thx 




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