Can you stop the rain?

The part that i am seeing the rain differently is amazing to me but when others find that I have this power they start to overrun me. I can fight back... at a price.


9. chapter 9 X building

I can see the X building. The tall skyscraper touched the sky with a smokestack that was more of a ghost than smoke and I was sure that it had to be this way.

“You are not taking me back.” Shadow grunted and I can see that he was holding on my cloud for dear life but I knew he was saying for me to finally let him go.

“I have to take you inside to save you.” I sighed although it was not what I wanted to do either but I felt like I didn’t have a choice.

“Then I rather die since that is all they are going to do anyway; might as well make life easy for everyone.” Shadow was asking me to kill him which made me wonder what to do.

“Not this time.” I said and looked up at the clouds. I quickly thought of something that I could do since we are completely exposed and surprisingly nothing is coming out of the X facility yet. 

I can make the clouds do whatever I want and I felt dumb for just now realizing that. I started to gather water to where the cloud was forming above us in the blue sky. I felt like if I failed then we shall both be dead where we are though when I was finished it was a heart and Shadow’s face within it with the words Save Me within the heart.

I felt pleased with my work. “You have done well.” I hear from Shadow. I start to feel a tear come across his face.

Suddenly I see something overhead that I haven’t seen in a while. A bird like person that made her shadow bellow. I can tell it was a friendly by the way  she flew around the cloud instead of through it with ease.

“Squall! Down here!” I called and the bird women swooped down to see the sadness.

“What happened to you Shadow?” she squawked and Shadow smiled.

“I have been in worse.” Shadow tried to laugh but he wound up in a coughing fit instead. Squall rolled her eyes and moved her long feathers to the side so she could see.

“This is one of the worst.” Squall chimed and looked at the facility that was by us. “They won’t help all these scientist do is kill.”

“Do we have a choice?” I asked and Squall smiled.

“We always do.” Squall said and I knew we were going to the hideout that these two wanted me to join before Shadow got hurt.

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