Can you stop the rain?

The part that i am seeing the rain differently is amazing to me but when others find that I have this power they start to overrun me. I can fight back... at a price.


8. chapter 8 Time

I saw Shadow miss one of his ledges or grips to where his powers could help him. I saw him fall and I know this time he had hit the ground from several stories up. I quickly raced to him while my heart fluttered like a captured butterfly wanting to be free once again.

I flew down without a care that my body and little cloud would give me away. I came close to the ground before I let my own cloud degenerate underneath me leaving me to slide a little bit before moving with my own power.

“Shadow.” I called out calmer as I can see him within the ash of his powers fade into splits of dust that went with the air around us.

I can feel him fade as I turned his body to the sky so he could breathe easily. The rough fall was concerning me because I didn’t know far the distance was from the starting point to the ground. The fear of him being found if I helped him clearly crossed my mind. Two X’s walking into a hospital would make complete commotion inside to where it might as well be in panic.

“Rain?” HE questioned and I can hear the wheezing of his lungs escape him. I knew that I had no choice but to get him help or return the both of us to the facility. The only time I would ever go back was if I was very desperate. And right now I am about to that stage.

“I’m going to get you to a safe place, here have a little bit to drink.” I huffed as I formed a small raincloud above his mouth and slowly dropped pure water into his mouth to let him drink. Every sip was like a very cautious task for Shadow since I knew that we had to get moving in order for my now called friend to survive.

“Thank you Rain. All honesty, I thought that you would leave me.” He sighed heavenly and I was saddened that I had not given him a chance at all in explaining what the plan was. I had just assumed and left while I let my own raincloud form above the both of us.

“I wouldn’t even think about it... I was actually chasing you before you fell.” I chimed and Shadow smiled.

“I am glad that I can tell you this now since it might be the only time I get to tell you this so. Rain, I had been stalking you a little bit before we met.” Shadow chimed happily.

“I will go get you help just let me make you a cloud. “ I let the cloud form underneath shadow to lift him up with little effort on my part. I knew where to take him to get what he needs.

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