Can you stop the rain?

The part that i am seeing the rain differently is amazing to me but when others find that I have this power they start to overrun me. I can fight back... at a price.


22. chapter 22 death to the X

I struggled to keep myself composed as we walked in the hallways. I had to match my captor’s footsteps since, this time; they have me wearing a helmet that I absolutely despise since it is humongous and hard to keep my head upright.  I can’t see much within this tiny world that these beasts locked me in as I am shoved forward.

“Move it.” I hear with a bit of static in these headsets that are programed inside this despicable head covering. I was about to make a small storm when a bit of electricity stuck me in the temple and made me shout in pain wishing that I could use my powers to redirect this on the other hand I can’t.

“We can only go for fast.” I chimed and I can hear Squall stumble and try to kick her captor in the shin. However, the only thing she got was pain of the shock collar that was around her neck.

“Still, your appointment must be met.” I hear mine say as squall was picked up in a choking position because of the sounds she made.

The moment after that was quiet and full of struggle as I started swearing that we were going to have burns around our necks because of the sparks that is sent brutally into our necks with horrible jabbing and flames. I started to think that the collars would be better off on the captors then on us because they were the ones that are acting like animals instead of us.

Soon I heard a door slide open making me wonder where we are. The smell of chemicals wafted through the air making me think that we were in a room that shadows of the past is dwelling because of the ones that these lab people killed every person that was different.  I started to move about in my captors arms since I knew that they were trying to kill me and Squall must had noticed this as well as I can hear the buzz of two shock collars through my helmet.

“Hold still X.” I hear as I felt more and more hands on top of me I felt that they were fighting and forcing me to fall into a seat or onto the floor. I knew that I had to use my powers but I was very limited as I can feel the burns intensified if I struggle, but if I can knock my captive out  then I will have a chance to escape.

Unfortunately, I was not successful with my maneuver because when I spun around with my leg looking for the temple of the person behind me instead I found myself into a chair and then strapped into a chair.

My helmet was stripped off of my head revealing a person in a white lab coat with a police badge on top of where the chest pocket flap is on the right side. I can feel something tighten harder on my arms as little pins barely touched my skin. I can see the white cover over that housed the pins but I knew that they had released my head with that helmet so I could use my powers while the rest of the captors placed the needle covers on my legs and thighs. A chest plate was lowered mechanically into place as I studied this horrible person before I spoke.

“You had removed my helmet.” I hissed as I started to make the wind howl again however all I got was a gentle breeze. I was shocked that something was still messing with my abilities even though my helmet was taken off.

“Good try Rayma.”  He said as he walked closer to me. “And Sarah, I should be honored that I had gotten you into the execution chairs.”  He chimed looking beside me. Squall was strapped just like I was but she was trying her hardest to slip through her holds. I can hear her grunt while she went this way and that in the chair.

“Go kill yourself instead of…Xs” Squall growled, determined to get free.

“I don’t think it will be that way since that cat managed to bust you and that Shadow man out.”  The head lab man chimed getting close to Squall and she spat at him in the face.  The head lab man quickly retaliated by smacking Squall but she looked unaffected by this by keeping her eyes on The head lab man as he made his way to a window and glanced in nodding slightly.

“Socrates and Shadow, was our friends!” Squall yelled but suddenly an alarm sounded in the room and the pins started to dig through my skin. The agenizing felling of becoming a human pin cushion was horrible as a chill started to flow through me as the liquid started to flow through my veins. I could also tell that my heart was beating slower and slower like it was crawling while trying its best not to quit just yet. I started to feel tired as I was trying not to look down knowing that I couldn’t go to sleep or die because I know that I have to become the person to save these Xs.

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