Can you stop the rain?

The part that i am seeing the rain differently is amazing to me but when others find that I have this power they start to overrun me. I can fight back... at a price.


20. chapter 20 the cell

“Welcome back” Squall hissed as I awoke in a similar prison as in my dreams. The dark walls were full of doubt and hopeless. I shot up to a sitting position knowing that I had been here before. I got up with only one question in my mind since I felt comfterble where I am at and what it would take to brake out of this spot and hopefully find Socrates at least.

“What happened? I asked as I made my way to the force field.  

“It was a trap. Apparently, those lab bots were tracking Memory lad and in the proses used him as bait.” Squall sassed and I figured that would be the best and shortest answer that I will get since Squall’s face was looking like if she scrunched her face anymore she will pop and her face was already hot with anger.

“Well, I was thinking of having him help us.” I joked and Squall was not happy at all.

“He put us here!” Squall yelled and I shook my head knowing that that was possibly the dumbest thing I said yet.

“Not exactly.” I said under my breath and then looked even closer to see if there were any main centers for me to fry since the first time was plain luck. I accidently gotten way to close to one of the edges and burnt my finger.

I felt the burn hit my hand and I felt the heat come over the side of my finger. The quick heat made me move my hand quickly and felt the heat still on my finger and there was no water in our cell so I started to suck on the wound a little to take some of the heat off.

“What are you doing?” Squall questioned as she was starting to stand. Her wings were defethered to where it only showed the extra bones and skin. I quickly got the hand out of my mouth and stared at her a moment before I answered.

“I overloaded one of these fields that had a main screen last time I was in here.” I said and she lifted an eyebrow and the farcical expression changed to wonder and curiosity.

“Last time you were in or when you first woke from transformation?” she sassed and I huffed thinking that she has to be annoyed because of the events that happened.

“Both.” I boosted then I spotted what I was looking for but it was different then I remembered so I tried the same tactic anyway.

I made my eyes turn gold and the light gathered in my fist just like before. The energy felt wonderful in my palms once again. The warmth was in my hands and I glanced back at Squall that looked like she was seeing an astonishing magic show even though I am just trying to overload the force field like I have before.

I aimed at the box and put all my might behind the bolt and shot it to the little box. The light hit the box perfectly but the force field wasn’t acting like before. I stopped for a minute puzzled on the resin why this was happening and I tried again only achieving the same result.

“That’s weird.” I questioned and tried to look at it closer. the box wasn’t scarred at all making me wonder if they did something to the generator.

“The box is absorbing your powers, they learned.” Squall chimed and I gave her the meanest death glare thinking that someone must had put a bee in her feathers.

“Really?”  I breathed thinking that she was starting to tread on this ice with my patience.  I tried my powers once more to be sure that what Squall said was true and it was. “What now?” I breathed and squall came close to me and put an arm around my shoulder.

“There is always a way out.” She chimed and I was questioning her motive till I looked up to see nothing but concrete. Everything was concrete in our little spot. The walls, ceiling, floor, even the bed was all concrete. 

“Where?” I asked in till I heard a little meow and I looked down to see Socrates at the door.   His eyes was glowing brightly while his dark fur was a beechen against the gray.

“Don’t mind the feline he is only trying to assist your escape.” He chimed and I never been happier to see him. However, it was short lived while we see a pair of gray colored boots came behind Socrates and picked him up. “What’s the meaning of this?” He exclaimed.

“Unfortunately the head has ordered a massacre of all three of you.” He said as he grabbed a needle out of his pocket and I was in rage while I went over to the door and I felt the storm rage on inside of me and soon it was swirling outside of my body. The wind was howling forcefully as the captor placed the needle in Socrates’s skin and started to slowly press the plunger down. I felt hot tears streak my cheeks as I knew I was making the worst storm I could possibly make as the wind and clouds turned with the inside rain that was pouring on all of us.  The cold and hot raindrops came crashing down faster and faster as a few bolts of lightning started to strike at the captor’s feet.

“That’s right, dance for your life.” I mumbled to myself as I made the storm worse while a small, but powerful, tornado touched down to the ground a few cells from where we were. The tornado was perfect swirling around and around, gathering speed as it came closer ripping all of the calls out including ours as well as knocking the captor off his feet and Socrates into the wall that was a few cells beside us and I knew that I had done right as I let the tornado finish its job to the end of the hallway letting all the Xs on the floor free to do whatever they want, which in this case was revenge at the poor guy.

Every X didn’t waste the opportunity to use their powers for this golden opportunity since the next thing the captor saw was a bunch of punches, kicks, lasers, or whatever this set of Xs have leaving me in a happy mood, until I remembered Socrates. 

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