Can you stop the rain?

The part that i am seeing the rain differently is amazing to me but when others find that I have this power they start to overrun me. I can fight back... at a price.


19. chapter 19 Motimer

I felt week after the initial transformation and unsure where I am. I looked around and remembered everything and the first thing that I wanted to do was find Shawn. I quickly got up from the ground and hit a force field. I stumbled backward quickly while I felt the placating pain surge through me. I held my nose thinking that it was broken or get a nosebleed but I was fortunate that I was not as the pain felt like a silent alarm getting louder and softer then loud again. I managed to spot my arms to see that they were polka doted red with needle  markings that I knew I was not dreaming of what happened before I woke here.

“No, this can’t be happening.” I whispered to myself and I looked up at the ceiling. A wave of anger rushed over me thinking that whoever did this to me, to us has to be watching me. “You think you can keep me here!” I yelled and then broke down crying.

The tears strained down my cheeks as I felt my throat clench itself in a bitter rage thinking that all I did wrong was being on that sign! I was just sitting there enjoying the conversation with Shawn. I walked to the force field again and started to look for a way out, still having the hot tears in my eyes and those were messing up my vision to where it was annoying me. Suddenly I saw a spark that came from my hand I was shocked.

I had never had something like that happen but the surprise didn’t last long as I saw it as a welcoming surprise. I held the bolt this time thinking that it might charge the lighting to become even more powerful. I felt the electricity feel wonderful in the palm of my hand as the yellow and white colors flashed at a rapid pace and then I let the entire wrath of what I had withheld flow out of my hands and hit the force field directly. I saw that sparks shatter through the air from the door as I realized I was not protected at all if the contraption blows.

I thought if I could do lighting then I might be able to protect myself with wind. I moved my arms in a circle like I was making a sideways wheel spin. Faster and faster the wind blew making my hair fly with me. I can now smell the fire that I had created with my lighting power and it smelled like freedom.

The smoke was clouding the room and the system was sounding a siren that I ignored. I kept my eyes on the field as it spattered out sparks that fell to the floor. I can see that the field was getting distorted, I was winning.

I kept my guard up till the final blast which was a blinding light of fire and the falter of the field. I felt my feet being whisked away with the force of the blast. The sense of fling was something new to me. The air dicing through me and not feeling some sort of ground was not what I called the best way to get around.

I found myself on the ground of my cell and saw that I had won the gift of freedom. I walked outside my cell and made my way through the halls.

“Shawn!” I called as I started to run and glanced into the cells of other poor souls. There was even one with a bird that looked saddened that I was letting the world know that I was looking for someone and was free instead of helping her or anyone else out of their prison.

I came around one corner to see Shawn being lead by a few people in white lab coats. “Rayma, Go back to your cell!” I hear Shawn call and I was determined to get both of us free.

“WE are leaving.” I hollered as I seemed to have made a storm inside a building. The air turned crisp and cold and I was in full control of this storm as I made mini lighting strikes plaster the ground at Shawn’s captor’s feet. 

The men in the white suits didn’t flinch or even move so I took onto drastic measures. I was making a tornado in the small room and I was going to grab Shawn in the presses but I felt something grab my arm thinking that it was Shawn but I had to remind myself that he was directly in front of me. I tried to move as the winds kicked up inside the hall but there wasn’t a tornado that I wished I could keep.  I went with the next best thing which was a full out storm with wind and hail. The plops of the hail was painful to me and I knew it had to be hurting Shawn but if it was going to give us a chance to possibly escape or at least show me whatever powers Shawn has.

“We have a powerful one. We must have her conquered to become ours.” I hear behind me and I thought I made the worst decision to fight back. I made the hail fall harder and faster above us making the place icy hoping it would literate them but I was wrong

“Rayma, Stop!” I hear Shawn call out and I thought that he was joking.

“Why?” I laughed while I got another round of lighting to hit the captures that still had their repulsive hands on me. The harder it seemed that I fought the tighter the grip.

“Because you are coming with us. Shadowboy, you are going to have to wait.” The person chimed as there were even more of those creepy workers onto me making sure that I cannot use my arms but instead it is all controlled through my mind.

I tried to make my storm harsher and harsher but I figured that the way Shawn was acting he didn’t want me as the building people clenched their grip tighter and tighter making it impossible for me to escape. But how?

“They are Xs themselves.” He said silently and gave me a look that he was trying to see behind me instead of what was going on at the moment. He started to gather this black soot that I had never seen before. The darkness was covering his dark skin that I knew I would never see again.

“Shawn!” I called as the people parted to show a kid with almost reddish burnt skin and eyes that can’t seem to stay in one spot as they zoomed one way and then the next in his sockets. Then the next thing I know I feel the kids hands on my temples and his putrid breath trying to stain my face. I wiggled as much as I could until I saw and feel the black figure hold onto my leg.

“Ok Mortimer, make her ours.” I hear as I focused on the black unnoticed mass on the floor.

“Shadow.” Was the last words I said before I had my memory was erased.

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