Can you stop the rain?

The part that i am seeing the rain differently is amazing to me but when others find that I have this power they start to overrun me. I can fight back... at a price.


17. chapter 17 the hole

The robot laid on top of me while the ground had gave way to the weight to where a crater had formed with a humongous piece of machinery. I was still in its clutches and I was not pleased while I tried to squirm my way out.

“Rain are you alright?” I see Squall land and come over to help me while I tried to push the claw like hand open.

“I would be better if I can get out of this vice!” I yelped and she grasped the peace that I was trying to push open and we worked together and gotten nowhere fast.

“Let me.” Socrates sighed and Squall and I let go while Socrates used his ability and slowly opened the hand. I quickly got out of the robot’s clutches.

“Well that was exciting.”  I sighed while I stood but I was still determined to get inside so I started to make my way back to the entrance.

“Where are you going?” Squall said as she grabbed my arm.

“To finish this.” I chimed while I used my powers to generate another rainstorm to try the same idea again.

“By doing the same thing as last time?” she sassed and I didn’t think that I was doing the same thing as before but I was. I felt dumb that I didn’t see it before and I was going to go straight in, however, it was the same plan. I glanced at Squall thinking that she has to have a plan instead of my thinking.

“So any suggestions?” I sighed.

“Well there isn’t anything on the roof.” She smiled and I glanced up and thought that it would have to do. 

I quickly made a cloud that I got myself situated and helped Socrates on. I fallowed Squall though the rain that I created for cover to the roof. My mind started to run a mile a minute thinking that I was going to save so many lives by destroying this forsaken place.

I quietly landed and glanced down thinking that it would have been nice if there was a skylight so I could see of there were any other Xs that might make this more of an army instead of just our small number of volunteers. I could feel the cold get to me thinking that I should not be able to be this way although it might be just nerves.

“How are we supposed to get in?” I asked while I could see only see a flat roof but Squall’s smile told me that she had this planned for a while. She came forward and taped the concrete sections.

“There is supposed to be a loose one somewhere since I had gotten inside before.” She shuddered.

“Keep trying Squall, you are virtually there.” Socrates laughed and he strutted to the aria since I could tell that he was having a vision.

I watched the two as all three of us were getting drenched from my own rain. The flat aria was already starting to flood. I thought I should make myself useful and became the lookout so I made my way to the entrance and looked over the edge.

The robots had prospered much quicker than what I expected. The black dots bellow was like little bugs looking for the last piece of food. It was shocking to me and fear washed over me as my personal storm dropped harder and harder to where the original down poor had become something of a shield of water.

“We need to find that entrance!” I yelled but then I heard something like a symphony of gears tuning to us. I slowly stepped back thinking that I might had made my biggest mistake. The eeriness of the silence washed a false sense of comfort over me. However, I was wrong. The next thing that I know I see a claw like arm swing upwards at me while I retreated. I can tell that the robots were coming to fight us once more. The claws clenched the walls that served as a barricade for anyone that might fall off accidentally. 

Soon after that one pierced the sky at least ten more started to streak the sky like black airplanes coming in for a hard crash that dug deep into the concrete making the vibrations like ripples in a pond that made me wish that Squall and Socrates would move faster.

“Found it!” I hear Squall yelp behind me and I ran to the little hole and made it fly open quicker than what Squall was doing, throwing away caution in one swoop.

“Hurry!” I yelled and Squall held Socrates in her arms while she jumped down the hole and I looked to see the shiny, black heads that I knew had spotted me as they were coming like little bugs to the light or a hungry animal to its prey. I couldn’t keep my eyes off them as the enemy came faster and faster until Squall finally pulled me down the hole and the roof filled itself to where it was sealed and nothing could get in.

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