Can you stop the rain?

The part that i am seeing the rain differently is amazing to me but when others find that I have this power they start to overrun me. I can fight back... at a price.


16. chapter 16the robot

I looked up thinking that this was the last time that I was going to see the sunlight out here in the world. I can see the torn sign thinking that the promise that it promotes is a lie and so many people had been transformed or died for no resin.

I breathed in the rubble and drenched air as I made a rain storm appear to cover the fact that I was coming to the entrance of this high security place and that I was crying for no resin.

I glanced at the sign that destroyed thousands and this place that I called home. The last of the cloth started to tear away to where it was not just a lie with holes but something of a script to a false promise. I looked away and started to move forward.  The lonely streets felt cold as I made my way to the door.

Suddenly, the alarm went off and I made the rain go and break into sunshine. I quickly tried to scurry but here was nothing I could do since I was already spotted. I ran for a hiding spot thinking that if I could stay there until the threat subsided I could sneak in with them.

I found a section of the wall that housed the trash that the building produced. I stayed quiet while I watched robots march in line out the front door thinking that these are what I am up against so I better pay attention.  One by one the ginormous and black robots came out saying that they “Must destroy” my kind.  I can see that the heads were like a dome of a crab on two, or more, legs with two sets of eyes, one for heat sensing and the other set was normal.

I can hear the mettle gears grind like a dog growling for a meal that it knows is close. I can tell that it might have picked me up on its heat sensors as I laid as flat as I could to where I was stuffed in with the trash in hopes that there was some hot food still in those bags so it could conceal me better.

The gears got louder and louder as my heart started to match to where it was only my heart that I was hearing instead of what I was supposed to listen to. I left myself enough room to see but I had forgotten one thing and that was that bags can talk as well and yell out my position. Unfortunately, one did just that as I saw a small tear form in the bag while some of the cans spilled onto the ground, and myself. I quickly shuffled deep in my hiding hole thinking that I should have not made that seeing port since the guard quickly glared in my direction.

I held my breath and kept still thinking that there was a huge chance that the robot could be a remote controlled one with a worker on the other end. I felt something brush against me and I thought it might have been a few more cans making their escape until I looked over to see Socrates where he was trying to tell me to stay quiet and calm. I was confused on why he was here until I thought I saw something swoop down in front of the robot.

“Get away from my friend!” I hear Squall call out while she went high up into the sky and spiraled downward to where her punch would become more painful while the robot that was locked onto her started to fire lazars.

The red beams of light came out of the robot’s arm as if it was a type of laser gun that I had never seen before.  The fact that the robot kept missing was peculiar to me. Every shot missed but it was also becoming better to where the lasers were getting closer to hitting Squall to where she might fall from her height while she continued to fly high in the sky and fall with a crashing blow to the guarding robot.

I finally got the urge to do something while one of the bolts singed a section of Squall’s fathers. I can feel the electricity come alive in side of me as I used my powers to form a cloud just above the powerful, mettle beast.

The tempter dropped slightly as the cloud went from a white to a straight black thinking that I should let the lighting lose as soon as it was at its peak. I watched the light surge through the controlled cloud. I can feel my eye color change from the color that it was to the brightest yellow that I had ever had before. I waited till squall was high above the robot before I came out of my hiding spot with Socrates on my pants that I was wearing by his claws.

“Rain, you are better remaining…” I can hear Socrates chatter but I completely ignored his warning.

“Stop hiring my friend!” I yelled out and replaced the lighting bolt that blinded all of us including me. I couldn’t see for a second but I felt my feet lift from the ground during my moment of weakness. Away I flew in the air while I realized that my powers have no effect on the robot while I was tossed about.

I can see Squall trying to have the robot let me go but she was making it worse since I was clenched in the arm that had the cannon weapon attached so I was not having a grand time. I tried to spot Socrates but all I could see was just a black furry dot that might be him.

“I can protect you Rain.” I hear from the dot and I felt like I was in good hands. I can hear the gears grind in a loud sounding scratch that pierced my ear to where it was almost unbearable.  However, the psychic powers that Socrates has made the robot seem to malfunction to where smoke and sparks come out on the joints.  I squirmed in a way to dodge the potential fire or get myself burned.

Soon the robot gave to Socrates’s powers and it started to lean a little bit forward. My heart leaped in my throat as I started to go with the hunk of metal  to the ground below as the beast and I went faster and faster to the ground with a clashing and spooky thud.

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