Can you stop the rain?

The part that i am seeing the rain differently is amazing to me but when others find that I have this power they start to overrun me. I can fight back... at a price.


14. chapter 14 Lenny

She looked at me with a dazed look. I quickly calmed myself down to where I could speak at least a few lines to her without saying something that I don’t want.

“You were right, I should have done better.” I sighed while looking out the window.

“You can’t change the past my comrades.” I hear Socrates come into the room with his cat like manor that I wished he could lay off just a little.

“I know Soc, but still, we both feel bad.” Squall chimed and I looked away from her wondering what to do now other than move on with what he wanted.

“Then we must destroy the source of the grief.” I said and faced my two friends. Squall scrunched her face a little while Socrates was very quiet and swished his tail back in forth on the dusty ground.

“As in go back to the X factory?” Squall asked and I was amazed that she hadn’t caught on to the mission that I was placing in front of her yet since it was the same one that Shadow and she placed in front of me.

“OF course.” I laughed and Socrates pulled his ears back and his eyes widened.

“I don’t suggest revenge Rain, it might become worse than what you think the world would become afterworlds.” He said and started to climb some rubble to get to our heights.

“Why not isn’t that what Shadow dedicated his life to when he saved me?” I called out and Squall started to look saddened again. I tried to step back a little but found the debris that was behind me.

“I still don’t think you should since we are killing our own race.” Socrates said and his eyes started to glow a little saying that he was using his powers.

“What do you see Soc?” Squall chimed while I tried to make my escape.  I moved quickly to the door and out into the hallway. I knew that Socrates could see me right now and I didn’t mind since I didn’t need a fortune wizard telling me that my fate should go to the other way.

I start to go through the household quickly and before Squall and Socrates tell me otherwise or even find me. I see that there was many other Xs in the house but all of them kindly stepped to the side possibly not thinking any better. However, a few of the Xs that were there did give me a quick glance in possible wonder.

Suddenly I felt something warm as I bounced off of the solid mass. I looked up to see a person in front of me holding a blanket of some sort. “I am terribly sorry. I wasn’t watching where I was going.” I said and the person was rocky and blocky and each joint was a smaller peace of the X.

“You bumped into me.” The creature called out and steam came out of the rocky like places where lava filled in every single inch that wasn’t rock.

“I know and I…I’m...” I started to shudder and thinking that using my water over lava would cool this person off if I needed to do just that.

“Sorry?” I hear the growl inside the rubble and I am frightened thinking that I am going to die.

“I am!” I yelped and I felt something with animal like fir brush up against me. I quickly looked to see a dog next to me that morphed into a dark skinned human that looked to know this beast.

“Sorry means nothing if you can’t fix…” He called then the dog morpher came between me and this creature. She raised her hands in defense while it was clear that this Lava X had something wrong with him to where they thought his mental state would change after the transformation but it failed.

“She is new Lenny! She hasn’t gotten used to you yet plus she said she was sorry, right?” The morpher chimed and he calmed down.

“Why were you mean to me? You could have said a warning...” Lenny wined and I started to feel sorry for this big guy.

“I did apologize.” I said and wanted to run away as I moved slowly away to get out of this place.

“It’s ok Lenny. She did say that she was sorry and you really have to sort out your anger issues. We can’t have you setting a fire in this place and there are other Xs here that can’t get out, they might get hurt.” The morpher explained and Lenny seemed to understand this time and settled down completely. His eyes started to welt a bit of lava or some sort of cool runoff in his yellow eyes.

“Um, may I leave? “ I asked and the Morpher gave me a bitter look that made me think it would be best if I did stay and help calm Lenny down.

“There you are Rain!” I suddenly hear the one sound that I didn’t want to hear to where now I know I will have to explain myself.

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