Can you stop the rain?

The part that i am seeing the rain differently is amazing to me but when others find that I have this power they start to overrun me. I can fight back... at a price.


10. chapter 10 healing

The place was an abandoned grocery store. The broken windows and glass was on the ground and inside on the floor. “Is this where you wanted me to take you before Shadow?” I asked and he was mute now since he was inches from death. I looked back to see if he was still awake but Shadow was not.

“Shadow!” I abruptly shook him and he did not wake. I hoped that he didn’t slip on me since he was the only one to put me on this path. The path that I haven’t felt this alive because of being a hero was what I think is what I need to be.

“Stop Rain. He left. We only have this last shot at saving him but you have to prepare yourself.” Squall tried to keep my head strait. I nodded slightly thinking that she was right and that I do need to prepare myself for the worse while I brushed his dark hair to the side of his face. Shadow looked normal to me and I wanted to say that he was.

We went in and I shoved the glass to the side while Squall floated just above the debris. I was in awe that Xs would live like this though we are rejects. Unwanted children from either war of other nations or the parents that did not think that far in the subject of having children or what will happen when the unfortunate happens.

“Where are the Xs?” I asked looking at the destruction around me then I spot something move quickly across the shadow of the back of the dimly lit room. I start to go after it but Squall held me back.

“That was one of the minions of an X.” She whispered while I start to see more and more of these creatures that was normal to an untrained eye.

I start to wonder whom this person looked like as a black cat like creature that was almost ghost like as the cat came forth. Fear rushed though me as the creature brushed up my leg.

“It is ok to be normal Socrates.” Squall chimed and I was amazed that the cat was a person while I looked around and spotted a small flame that was in the corner. The flame intensified and this dark completion was given away into light of several flames that formed a phoenix.

“Hello Squall, Socrates warned me about shadow just before you both even arrived.” The phoenix said sadly.

“He needs your tears, Pharah .” Squall said and I dodged out of their way. Pharah looked determined while I was trying to shake her off.

“She is a phoenix. Her tears are magical.” Squall whispered in my ear. I still wasn’t sure while I got back to where Shadow laid on my cloud.

He still was silent and when I touched his hand was cold as ice.  I can see that Pharah had gotten a clear vile full of liquid from a part of her vest that she was warring. She popped the quark that was on the vile and slipped it into Shadow’s mouth.

“Now what?” I asked silently and I was thinking that tears were not going to help us at all since they are with myths.

“Unfortunately the tears are supposed to work as soon as they touch the lounge. We can wait but even when I can’t turn back the wounds that Shadow had sustained than I am not sure at all if he can be brought back.” Pharah sighed as she held the bottle that she just used up to her face.

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