Can you stop the rain?

The part that i am seeing the rain differently is amazing to me but when others find that I have this power they start to overrun me. I can fight back... at a price.


1. chapter 1 Shadow

The rain pounds and shifts while I watch. Each one was supposed to be an individual but I am the only one that sees. I still hear each pat as a special beat of drums that was calling my name.  I can’t tell anyone my name since I have this gift.

I moved my hand to make the sun shine. The rays were quite illuminating and bright so I toned it down a I could see outside. The best part was that I could hear and see the newfound life that was going to happen soon. I walked out the door and felt the last of the drops slide from my head to the tips of my fingers.

Every moment was prefect. I spun around and laughed in glee until I hear the sounds of someone watching me while I moved my arms to make a rainbow. An officer of the ones that don’t understand me and why I do this was starring right at me.

“Grate.” I mumbled to myself as I felt the anger swell up inside me like a tornado about to come to start and I can tell by then wind that I was doing just that. The wind swirling everything around and round. I could control the tornado… and the lighting.

The bright lights that I aimed at the person that spotted me and knew that it would be obvious whom was here so I retracted my powers to where the clouds became normal.

“You are not going to kill me?” The man asked and I was not pleased at what I had done. His suit was wet from the rain and my outfit is the same material as swimwear so the rain doesn’t bother me.

“I prefer to but that would mean leaving my mark were you stood,” I growled and I can tell that he was relieved. I questioned his motive of being calm were most people would fear me by now. However this person does not. It perplexed me that of all the people, other than this one, would be horrified to see a weather powered freak like me.

“Why? the part of me being wet might not be a bad thing.” He chimed and I turned my back to me.

“Are… are you not afraid of me?” I asked and he looked at me weird.

“Why wouldn’t I? I am the same thing as you!” He said and pointed down. Noticed that he wasn’t normal himself though I kept saying that no one was at all normal. The darkness of his skin and hair told me that he had the power of darkness and when I looked up his face startled me.

The blackness of his skin was fizzling like embers on a flame. His eyes were like bright yellow circles that I couldn’t explain how dashing that made him. His hair was flowing like a flame that never ended into a Mohawk. “I am Shadow.” He introduced himself and I was in awe that he had the nerve to show his powers at my home.

My home is a rundown house that no one cared about. It has leaks galore and a broken back window but I can still call it home since it is like me, beaten but still standing. “Ok, Shadow why are you here?” I sassed and had a lighting strike ready in my mind and a bit in my mind to where I think my eye colors changed from a black to gold.

“There are many of us around here that you don’t know but we are all part of one thing. Us, as in all that were just like you and me, in a different and peaceful place.”

“Ok and you do know that I had been known as the one that can kill in an instant.” I threatened and felt the surges of electricity flow from my palm to my fingers in a complete circle.

“I can take it.” He laughed and I tried my luck. I felt the release of rage that was the lighting millions upon millions of volts that could kill a man in an instant. I saw the bolt of light run a crooked path of white and yellow light hit Shadow dead in the chest and to my amazement he was absorbing it well.

I stopped with my strike since he started to fall to the ground below. Shadow looked hurt so I came closer to him. His soot like frame was starting to blister apart making my mind think that I killed another one so I would have to leave this place that I had dwelled in for about a few months now.

As I got closer I saw Shadow rise from the ground. He was shaky to get his feet back underneath him while his breathing was harsh and shallow. I was unsure that he was going to die or not and the only powers that I have is the ones of weather and storms. I could do a wild fire but I haven’t mastered it yet.

His smile widened while his laughed was deep and mysterious. I was a fool to think he was hurt. I saw a blast of light, the same one that left my hands just moments before. I was not ready for this while I lifted my hands in front of my face and I knew how to redirect my powers by placing my hands on electric wires or outstanding currents.  I felt the electricity come through one of my hands swiftly and with a jolt that I had never felt and I held it for a moment to make the transition to my other hand that was aimed at the sky.

I was not expecting the loud booms and sounds of thunder with an ear piercing screech sound filled the air. I was unsure about what to do next as the last of the power fled from the tips of my fingers and into the sky.

“I miss judged you.” I breathed as I was impressed with everything that had happened and the fact that we both know how to redirect powers or hopefully other things.

“As I you. Well are we in agreement since the cops and others will come for us?” Shadow chimed with a bit of a laugh in his voice like he was trying to impress me. I didn’t know that I did something so foolish as to challenge another person with powers. I can hear the sirens of fate come closer to us and I knew that I had no choice than to go with this Shadow though I hope he doesn’t ask my true name since the last time I came lovely close to someone it was their time to roam in another world that is unseen from this.

“Do I have a choice now Shadow?” I asked while he got back to a normal human form. The darkened hair and body came out of the ashes that are paces of his power. Shadow also had fire red eyes that would show in the darkness while my own eyes went to my natural emerald green.

“No, this way.” He motioned me down the valley that I could feel my work with every brush of my leg with the wet grass.

We were silent for a bit. No words other than Shadow trying to show off what he could do. “You had yet to say your own name sweetie. May I ask what is it?” He asked and I was not sure what to say.

The dark forms of me being unsure of my true name or that I come up with a new one as in a new identity to replace the one I lost a while ago.

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