4. 4


Two days later, star is sitting in that hospital room 314 blasting Ashton’s favourite songs. Star came to a song in Ashton’s playlist called ‘If I Die Young’ by the band Perry. Star fell to her knees and began to cry.

She saw something move in the corner of her eye and Ashton’s hand jerked. Star screamed as loud as she could “Ashton, you’re awake!  Baby, I have missed you so much!”

A nurse ran in and said “What’s all the noises for?  People are sleeping.”

“His hand moved! It moved!”

Star said it so enthusiastically that the nurse left and returned and restrained Ashton to the bed.

Star looked at her, puzzled, “What are you doing to him?!”

“I have to put them on him; it’s my job. You’re too young to know.”

“Love, I don’t really care if it’s your job or not. Get them off his wrists now before I hit ye’ with a baseball bat... not being rude.” Demanded Star. The nurse walked out of the dreary hospital room mumblings things about star. As soon as she couldn’t see the nurse she unbuckled the restraints from Ashton’s wrists. Ashton’s eyes opened his eyes was as brown as a hazel nut star looked over and nearly screamed she was so enthusiastically in high spirits. Ashton mumbled the words “Star Star.” Star said “yes Ashton I have missed you so much me and you are like Donald Duck without Daisy Duck or Pooh Bear without Tigger it would be heartbreak.” She said so happily she could barely get the words out of her mouth it was like if she was a baby saying her first words. Ashton was so fragile he was like a pieces of china in a china shop and Star was the destructive bull. Ashton said with a drained voice “I love you star with all my heart your my heart, soul and life without you i would don’t be here in this messed up world we live in your my everything.”

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