3. 3


The next day Amy, star’s sister, walked up to Ashton and star’s classroom to see Mr Black their teacher. “Mr Black can I talk to you outside please?” she said

“Ok Amy,” he said

“Mr Black, star and Ashton will not be in school for a while because Ashton attempted suicide. he is in the hospital with star. Star was wondering if I could pick up some work for her to do if that’s ok?” 

“That’s fine. Tell them both to stay strong and I will get star some work but I think she should just keep her mind on Ashton at the moment”


Later that day Amy, yazmin and Katy were sitting at their lunch table and there was a group of girls was sitting behind them.

“Did you hear about that boy Ashton?” one of them whispered.

“Yeah! Oh my! he is such a wee attention seeker, like, oh my, and his girlfriend is sitting with him all day.  Apparently she hasn’t left his side,”

“See if she doesn’t shut up I’m going hit her up the face with a baseball bat!” grumbled amy.

“I know; they are pathetic,” scoffed one of the other girls.

“How dare you talk about my sister and ashton like that?! They have been through hell! How would you feel if your boyfriend was in hospital recovering from attempted suicide?” screamed amy.  

“Well I wouldn’t have to: I’m not like them,” replied the girl.

“I swear to god: I will kill you if you ever talk about them again. Stay away from them or I will hit you up the side of the face with a baseball bat, love,” threatened Amy.

“No, it’s my choice what I say and when say it,” replied the girl.

Amy looked straight into at in the eyes and punched her in the throat. Amy walked away and rang star.

Star’s phone rang, she answered and told Amy “Darcie hasn’t woke up yet,”

“Will you tell me if he does please?” asked Amy.

 “Of course; I have to go, bye” she hangs up.



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