Being Ashton Irwin's Little Sister

Audrey is your regular 17 year old girl. Except one thing she is Ashton Irwin's little sister. Yes the Ashton from 5sos. What will happen when Ashton asks Audrey if she wants to go on tour with 1Direction and 5sos? Will there be any love sparks or just new friendships. And if there are love sparks how will Audrey's over protective brother take it


11. The Surprise

Audrey's P.O.V

Trough out this boy drama I have kept up with my best friend Carley. I have told her everything that had happened. She has tried helping but it's hard when she's in another country. I really miss her and wish she was here. I was thinking about Carley when there was a knock on the bus door.

I got up and opened the door and saw my brother standing there with a letter and a blindfold in his hands. He said read the note so I did all it said was : Let's go on an adventure to find the treasure. I looked up at Ashton confused he laughed, then grabbed me, put the blindfold over my eyes, and finally threw me in the car. We drove for what felt like hours but were probably just a few minutes. The car finally came to a stop and Ashton helped me out of the car since the blindfold was still on.

While getting out of the car I fell and Ashton started laughing at me I punched him and said "help me up idiot" he replied "I'm not the one on the ground now am I?" I punched him again and we both laughed while he helped me up.

When I finally got up and finally stopped laughing I looked around. We were in front of a coffee shop which was weird cause I don't even like coffee. Ashton? I asked what are we doing here?

Ashton's P.O.V

Audrey seemed very confused about the whole situation. When she asked what we are doing here I just grabbed her arm and took her inside.

"Oh come one just tell me" Audrey whined. Just hang on you will see in a minute I replied. I made Audrey put the blindfold back on as we sat down at a table. While Audrey sat there I went and got the surprise and sat it in the seat I was sitting in.

Audrey's P.O.V

"ASHTON CAN I TAKE MY BLINDFOLD OFF YET" I yelled. "NOT YET" he yelled back. I wonder what it could be i thought to myself?! "OKAY OPEN!" Ashton yelled. "OH MY GOD CARLEY!!" I cried out! She ran over and gave me the biggest hug ever. We were both in tears an hugged for what felt like for ever. After I had stopped hugging and talking to Carley I looked over at Ashton I ran and jumped into his arms and said "this is the best surprise ever thank you so much love you"! He kissed me on the cheek and said " love you to"!

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