Being Ashton Irwin's Little Sister

Audrey is your regular 17 year old girl. Except one thing she is Ashton Irwin's little sister. Yes the Ashton from 5sos. What will happen when Ashton asks Audrey if she wants to go on tour with 1Direction and 5sos? Will there be any love sparks or just new friendships. And if there are love sparks how will Audrey's over protective brother take it


7. The Dream

Luke's P.O.V

I woke up to a horrible noise. It was a scream you would have heard in a horror movie. It scared me. I quickly got up and ran to find Audrey I looked around the bus I found her in the back of the bus screaming and in tears but she was still asleep. I ran over to her but she started to scream even louder I quickly sat down next to her and held her in my lap. I couldnt help but cry a little. Her face was soaked in tears and the screams comeing out of her mouth were so loud and horrible it sounded like she was in so much pain. I held her tighter and tried to wake her up but she wouldn't. Then all if a sudden she jumped out of my lap and ran out the door I jumped up and ran after her. She was running really fast but I couldn't give up no matter how tired I was. I had to keep going I said to my self threw my tears. We were running threw New York City both of us still crying but her still asleep. How is this even possible I thought to myself. She was running back to the park. She made it to a bench under a tree. She fell to the ground screaming and crying I ran to her and held her tight to make sure she didn't run anywhere else and to keep her warm because it was very cold. I was going to call Ashton and the boys but decided not to we both laid there. She was still crying but not screaming until she yelled HELP!!! Then she woke up still in tears. She rapped her arms around me and I pulled her closer to me. She began to cry in my chest I sat her up and asked her what was wrong? She only said two words the dream. I quickly sat up to and sat her on my lap with my arms still around her. I asked what happened in the dream?

Audrey's P.O.V

Do I tell him or not? I kept thinking in my head. I have never told anyone what I dreamed I was a little scared to. So I decided just to say: it was the worst dream I have ever had in my life we were all in it along with some other people they threatened to kill you boys they kidnaped me the beat me I said while still crying. They said your not worth it so they left me in a park to die. So much more happened in my dream things I would never tell anyone so I just stopped there I didn't want him to know ever!! I thought to my self. Then I looked at Luke who looked shocked then asked who were the other people? I couldn't tell him about how I have been getting bullied by fans and that they were the ones in my dream that tried to kill me. No one knows I have been getting bullied and I want to keep it that way so I said I couldn't tell. He looked at me with disbelief but then just pulled me closer and we laid back down with me in his arms. I looked up and him and he looked down at me he and I both were in tears then I said it felt so real and he kissed me on the head and said he would never let something like that ever happen. I just dug my head into his chest more. I felt so safe with him we continued to lay there.

Luke's P.O.V

I held Audrey close and began to sing wherever you are while rubbing her hair. She started to fall asleep and so did I. As soon as I finished the song I closed my eyes and fell asleep with her in my arms asleep and safe.

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