Being Ashton Irwin's Little Sister

Audrey is your regular 17 year old girl. Except one thing she is Ashton Irwin's little sister. Yes the Ashton from 5sos. What will happen when Ashton asks Audrey if she wants to go on tour with 1Direction and 5sos? Will there be any love sparks or just new friendships. And if there are love sparks how will Audrey's over protective brother take it


12. Back to the Bus

      Carley's P.O.V

It was so good to be back with Audrey I missed her so much and by the looks of it she missed me to. Audrey, Ashton, and I walked back to the car and headed back to the bus. We jammed out to all our favorite bands including 5sos. Ashton laughed at how Audrey and I sang and danced very over dramatically to all of the 5sos songs. We talked, laughed, and caught up a little on the way back.

      Audrey's P.O.V

We had finally made it back to the buses as soon as we got back Carley screamed I jumped ten feet in the air and all the boys looked over at us with shocked looks on their faces. "WHY DID YOU DO THAT", I said Carley's face turned red a little and whispered into my ear "I can't believe its really them I'm fangirling so much right now". I burst out laughing and Carley slapped me. All the boys came over to see what was going on Carley and I both blushed and said "NOTHING!" They laughed.

I introduced them all to Carley they all gave her a hug and welcomed her. Then I took her to my bus where she'd be staying. I opened the closet door for her and helped her unpack. "This is so amazing"! she kept saying.

     Ashton's P.O.V

 This is the happiest I've seen Audrey in the past few days I spoke to the boys they all agreed.

    *Two hours later*

I'm going to tell the girls to get dressed and that's it almost time for the concert. All the boys in unison said "Okay".  I walked to their trailer knocked walked in on two teenage girls crying, eating candy, and watching The Note Book. I burst out laughing and they turned and threw candy at me. Michael walked in behind me and started laughing to so they did the same for him. Audrey asked what I needed and said we have a concert in two hours Audrey said " oh crap"! I laughed some more she said "go we have to get ready I totally forgot with all the excitement!" I said okay hurry!

     Michael's P.O.V

After Ashton left I winked at Audrey and said bye she blushed and said bye back.

    Carley's P.O.V

What was that all about I smirked at Audrey she said " shut up and get ready" I laughed. Audrey was in the shower so I tried to figure out what to wear when I finally did I laid it out on my bed and watched tv until Audrey got out of the shower. Once she had gotten out I got in.

    Audrey's P.O.V

I saw Carley's outfit on the bed it was so cute so I decided to pick something a little similar. Carley had gotten out of the shower so I turned on Aretha Franklins hit Respect and we sang along and got ready. We put our clothes on then went into the bathroom and fixed our hair I left my hair down and natural so I pinned some of my curls back in a bump. Carley left hers down to cause she has short, straight hair. Finally we finished off with our make up we both used natural colors except on our lips I have a subtle red lipstick and Carley had a bright watermelon pink (our lipstick matches our shoes). We then looked our selves over in the mirror and walked out of the bus.

 We were walking over to the car to go to the concert when I yelled " HEY! you guys ready" the boys turned around and froze Carley and I giggle Calum looked at Carley and his jaw dropped she was blushing like crazy. On the other hand  Micheal and luke were looking at me. When Ashton saw he quickly came over and grabbed us and but us in the van. In the bus it was two to a seat and there were three rows I sat in the middle row and micheal came and sat next to me I was happy but I don't think ashton was. Carley sat in the back row with Calum they were cute. Lastly Luke and Ashton sat in the front row.

We were off to the concert Carley and I are so excited to see our boys perform!!!


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