1. Angels

A world of peace, a world of time.

A powerful message, angels all sublime.

Sparkling bodies, crisp white wings.

Halos floating, their voices sing.

Flowing dresses, a loud command.

They all take flight, hand in hand.


Archangels, guideangels, warriors and healers.

Helping all the sinners, guiding all the believers.

Destroying darkness, creating light.

Their purpose strong, their reasons right.

Going into our world, they word with love.

Spreading the message, flying like a dove.


Flitting through the air, on wings they glide.

They soar like eagles, preforming beautiful dives.

They pull up short, shooting towards the sky.

Delivering an ending, when the time is nigh.

For a finally, they twirl above the ground.

Then they end and fly off, never making a sound.


When the time comes, they leave the Earth.

But they have done much to give hope a new birth.

They destroyed the darkness, giving love a turn.

They kindled love's flame, letting it forever burn.

But they'll be seen again, there is no doubt.

When you need them the most, just give a shout.

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